Leaving a Legacy

On Saturday night,  the Lakewood Theater in Old Hickory held their annual Lakie awards. My grandmother was the founder of the theater and they honored her memory at the event. The lobby was decorated with her paintings and pictures.

Painted by Daisye Ramsay

Row Boat by Daisye Ramsay

I was unable to go because I had a commitment but my mom said I would have been so touched by all of the nice things that were said about my her and the standing ovation by over 100 attendees. One of the comments was that “It is so important to remember our past and if it wasn’t for Daisye Ramsay none of us would be sitting here tonight.”

I grew up at the theater- serving refreshments, decorating the lobby, being in plays and always getting costumes together.I learned so much from those experiences. I sometimes had to play a part like Tweedle Dee (or Dum) but that is part of life- doing things you don’t want to do- and you always learn something along the way.

My grandmother loved theater and making a difference in the community. Through her passing and the passing of her brother in the past month, It has really made me want to get involved and make a difference. Her brother (my great-uncle) Dr. Ralph Sheppard of Scottsboro, AL was an amazing man. The article that was in his city news paper was so well written and told all about his accomplishments over his lifetime. ( Click here to read the article.) Only if all of us lived like those of the “Greatest Generation.”

I have heard about the exercise where you write your own obituary when you are young and I think it is a great idea. It gives you a goal and something to work towards.I think I will work on that…



I Heart Crafts!

With Valentine’s drawing near and seeing all of the cute crafts on Pinterest, I have been in the crafting mood! Here are a few of the crafts I worked on this weekend.

#1 Heart Wreath 

I purchased this wreath at Fred’s for $1 and added a special touch to it with stuff I had around the house. (My cousin, Abby, works for Fred’s corporate and I wanted to check out the local store.- It was great and the employees were so nice and helpful!)

Dollar Wreath from Fred's


I have a hard time parting with Cards and found this precious one that my mom had sent us for our first Valentine’s so I took the embellishments off of it and added it to the wreath.

I had just purchased this butterfly thing to put on a Christmas package next year.  I lucked out and hit Michael’s on the day when everything went 90% off so I think I paid like .60 cents.

I wasn’t feeling the butterfly for this wreath so I started playing with the wings and came up with these roses. I simply rolled the wings up and it turned out like this.

I added the roses, berries and card embellishments to the wreath and here is the finished product:

And I found the perfect place to hang it!

#2 Rose Bulletin Board

On my same trip to Michael’s I found this tin of paper roses and thought they would be perfect to glue onto push pins. My sister in law has some that I have always thought were so cute.



I then sprayed this old gold frame that I had with red paint.

The Finished Product


Loving the rose push-pins

The 1Corinthians 13  page that is tacked on the bulletin board is something I made the other day with a cute new font I had downloaded. It is the amplified version and I love how it reads. It is something good to read everyday. If you would like a copy message me and I will send it to you. Also, it is great to include in your Valentine cards!

#3 Flower Applique Jacket

Back in December I found this Coldwater Creek jacket at Goodwill. I took it to be dry cleaned and it came back looking like new.

I loved it the way it was but thought it would be cuter with something added to it. I had these felt flowers and decided to add them on with some fabric glue.

Very easy and cute to add to an old jacket to update it a bit.

I have a few more things I am working on that I will post soon. Hope everyone has had a wonderful Monday!


Sara Beth

Girls Night Out

Our Bunco group met for the first time last night!  Lauren got a great group of girls together to start this monthly Bunco group.  We had a GREAT time! Lauren had everything fixed so cute in pink and black and the food was delicious-  a homemade Italian dinner.


The Hostess with the Mostess!

Out of the 15 of us, I think maybe 1 or 2 had ever played and we had a hard time with the directions…

Lauren’s cute Lolita Bunco Kit

So after watching a Youtube video, calling friends and reading different directions….

Trying to figure out Bunco!

We decided to play “Minute to Win It.” Lauren had all of the stuff together for the holiday edition and it turned out to be really fun!

Demonstrating a Minute to Win It Challenge

My favorite challenge is where you put a gingerbread man on your forehead and try to get him in your mouth without touching him. (I didn’t post pics of that because everyone looks so ridiculous. Ha! ) There were 4 challenges and each one was really fun.

Abby & Kelley "the winners

The purpose of the wreath challenge is to throw marshmallows through the wreath into a waste basket. Lauren was out of marshmallows so we improvised with cut up bread sticks!

Mallory & Renee "the competitors"
Nuts & Bolts Challenge- stacking them five high with a chopstick while your partner is holding the tray
Tiffany & Tabitha fishing for candy canes
Sweet Cori

So, I am not sure how much Bunco we are actually going to be playing but I think we are all excited about getting together again next month- Sips & Strokes at Alicia’s house.

Thanks Lauren for a great night and being the one to organize everything. Even without the Bunco it was a success!

Decorating, Desserts & a Date

My mom had to move some furniture around the other day and didn’t have any room for a little antique desk. She said that we could use it if we had a place and how it would be great to use as a writing desk. We had a perfect place and loved the idea! (Thank you to Ann and Dar for the sweet letters I received this week!)

My new writing desk


I have so many thank you notes to write and this has gotten me organized to do so. I now have a place for my stamps, pins, stationery, stickers, envelopes, cards, etc. 🙂 We have a bent wood chair that I am going to spray paint a bright color and recover the seat.  I think it will look perfect and add some color to the room. (will share when I get it finished) Also, my mom also just ordered me this new stationery. I love it! I love the Spanish feel and the type style!

Stationery from Ink Spot

Right now through the end of January Ink Spot is having a great sale on fold over cards:

Buy One Get One Free

All Embossed and Raised Ink Stationery


So this evening I decided I was going to make a dessert that I had been thinking about all week. It was from the magazine “Where Women Cook”- Crustless Pumpkin Pie. It was amazing!!!!!!!! I will definitely be making this again especially since it only takes like 5 minutes to mix up! I also decided to start working out!! I went to the civic center in our community for the first time tonight and it was fun and I didn’t feel as guilty eating this dessert!

The recipe

I halved the recipe: 2 eggs, 1 tsp pumpkin pie spice, 1/2 can of evaporated milk, 1/2 can of pumpkin, 3/4 cup of sugar, 1/2 tsp of salt, 1/2 pkg. of yellow cake mix, 1 stick of butter.

All you do is mix together the eggs, pumpkin pie spice, evaporated milk, pumpkin, sugar and salt and pour into an ungreased baking pan. Once in the baking pan sprinkle the cake mix over the mixture (do not stir) and then drizzle with melted butter. Bake at 350 degrees for 45-60 minutes.

Top with chopped pecans, cool whip and cinnamon. YUM!


Zach and I made a pledge this year to go out and eat on the square in Gallatin at least once a week to support the local restaurants. Tonight we went to the Whipporwhill, they were having a bluegrass band and the food is great!

The McReynolds Tradition

The Whipporwhill use to be an old pharmacy and still has the old store sign outside.

Hope everyone has had a good week! I can’t believe it is almost February!


Sara Beth



Extreme Couponing: Pegg Edition

I think tonight was the closest I have ever been to becoming an extreme couponer! I like to cut coupons and have my coupon binder and all but tonight was taking it to a new level! The Food Lion in Hendersonville is closing and everything is 50% plus you can use coupons!  So this evening Zach and I headed over there with coupons in hand. He didn’t really want to go but I think he had fun. 🙂  We also ran into Lauren there and she found some good deals too.

A Deal Diva

Today was the first day for 50% off and this evening we were still able to get some great deals on stuff WE USE! Of course I picked up some random things but for the most part it was basics. Several around Nashville are closing so it is a great time to stock up. Fifty percent off is good but a lot of times you can get that with the B1G1 so the coupons really make a big difference.

I have to admit I was a little anxious before checking out. I had over 50 coupons to give the lady! But everything went so fast and smooth. The check out people were so nice and friendly and I know they were exhausted because most of them had been working since 8 am.

The nicest employee!

I hate it for the employees that the stores are closing. So many of them will be loosing their jobs. My mom was at the library this morning and Mrs. Dorathy, the librarian, knows the manager of the Hermitage store and said he will be looking for a job and has a family. So keep them all in your prayers as they look for something.

We ended up spending about $180 and got all of this (+ a big bag of Pedigree for Lucy)!  There were lots of items we got for free!

I learned to coupon off of Faithfulprovisions.com. Kelly Hancock, who started the site actually just wrote a book called Saving Savvy that I would highly recommend!  It is a very easy reader and so informative. She lives in Nashville so she always has the stores on the site that are around here. We really like to shop all natural and organic and she is good about telling you how to do that and organizing your coupons.

Happy Shopping Ya’ll!

Breakfast for Dinner?

My sweet friend Karen, came over for lunch yesterday and brought me the coolest magazine! It is called Where Women Cook, there is also one called Where Women Create that I am definitely going to get!

Where Women Cook


She also brought me this beautiful hydrangea!

Thank you, Karen! I can't wait to plant these so they can come back every year!


Tonight I decided to cook breakfast for dinner and use a recipe out of my new magazine. My little friend Ella, (and blog follower) thinks it is my specialty. Whenever I go and see her we always cook “breakfast for dinner” so Ella, I tried a new recipe out for you!


Cornmeal Cheddar Quiche!


I had never made a quiche before and this one turned out pretty good. I did make it earlier and then had Zach put it in the oven and forgot to have him stir it so all of the cornmeal settled to the bottom but other than that it was good. I liked this recipe because it doesn’t have many ingredients and they all are things I usually have around the house.

I halved the recipe by putting in 4 eggs, 2 cups of milk, 1/2 cup cornmeal, 8 oz of cheese and salt & pepper to taste. You just mix them up and put in a greased pie dish and bake for 45-50 minutes 350 degrees.

The magazine also had a recipe for an apple salsa but I had made a cranberry salsa over the weekend so I just added in some red & yellow peppers, green apple and green onions to my mixture.

Cheddar Cornmeal Quiche with Cranberry Apple Salsa

On Pinterest I had seen where you could make hash browns in your waffle iron! I don’t use mine much so it is great for it to have another use. I added a little onion and sea salt for flavor.

Waffle Iron Hash Browns- might look burnt but they were actually AWESOME!!!



Down the Road

Yesterday afternoon Zach and I decided to take a drive to Hartsville. It is about 15 minutes down the road from us but so different! We had found some older homes when we were house hunting that looked really nice for the price but when Zach drove out there he said it is not where I would want to live. Very, very small and the downtown looked like a ghost town. I like small but not empty.  All of the little shops and restaurants were empty or closed.

They do have a pretty cute sign!


My grandmother and her 7 brothers and sisters grew up in Hartsville so we went by their house. It is actually for sale so we were able to look around the outside. It was a weird feeling looking in the windows and imagining them all growing up there. Seven of the 8 were born in the house. They built it in 1916 and moved in Feb of that year before the oldest son, Richard was born.

The Sheppard House in Hartsville


My grandmother has been gone a month this past weekend. The missing part has really started to kick in. I wore her gold glitter cat sweatshirt yesterday~ I love how it feels even with the shoulder pads!

Zach brought Kutta, my grandmother’s cat, to our house today. We tried to bring him shortly after her passing but he was not ready. He was crying – not like how he meowed today but loud mourning cries so we had decided to give him some more time. He is doing fine and is beginning to purr. Lucy and Kutta know each other but haven’t seen each other since Kutta’s arrival. We are taking Kutta one room at a time and letting him get comfortable while Lucy is outside. Will let you know how it goes.

Kutta's arrival