50 Things I Like/Love…

When we were in New York last week for our company meeting, my boss had a lady come in and talk about overall health and work/life balance. It was very beneficial and I took a lot away. One thing she had us do was make a list of 50 things that we like. She wanted it to be a list that we could look at each day and integrate those things in to our daily routine. We all work from home (which is such a blessing! ) and not mention gives us more free time since we don’t have to commute. (it is like having 2 extra weeks of vacation each year!!!) When you make a list of the things that make you happy/ really enjoy it  makes it easier to work those things into an ordinary day. Here is some of my list as I am still working on it.

  1. Being close to God
  2. Being with Zach
  3. Antiques
  4. Yard Sales/Estate Sales
  5. Pimento Cheese
  6. Going on walks with Lucy
  7. Old Hickory Lake
  8. Listening to music on my computer while working
  9. “Vee”- our VW bus
  10. Entertaining /having people over
  11. Live music
  12. Camping
  13. Dancing
  14. Spending time with family
  15. Fires in our fireplace
  16. Powering off- (no tech)
  17. Getting things in the mail
  18. Grocery shopping
  19. Finding deals
  20. Homemade pizza
  21. Decorating for holidays
  22. Blueberry pancakes
  23. Water with lemon
  24. Getting pampered (manicures, pedicures, massages)
  25. Turquoise jewelry
  26. Vintage Aprons
  27. Having  candles burning
  28. Crafts/ making things
  29. Juice Plus+
  30. Looking on Pinterest
  31. Coca Cola in glass bottles (reminds me of DaDa)
  32. Painting
  33. Trying new recipes
  34. Talking to my mom
  35. Watching our favorite TV shows
  36. Comfortable clothes
  37. Cutting coupons
  38. Trying new hair up-do’s
  39. Going out to eat on the Gallatin Square
  40. Dreaming (good dreams, of course! )

and the list could go on…

In 2012 I want to implement as many of these as I can. Today I have tried to make the most out of the day! First, I set up this blog!!! Something I have been wanting to do for a long time and several people have told me I should do. From my list today I have

  • Looked on Pinterest
  • Talked to my mom on the phone 2x
  • Worn comfy clothes all day
  • Made some pimento cheese
  • Tried some new recipes
  • Got some great deals at the grocery store (I will post below what all I got 🙂
  • Making things- Knitting on my new loom
  • Sipped on water and lemon
  • Taken my Juice Plus+ and D3 to keep me feeling healthy

and the day isn’t over yet! It has been a wonderful day being off work.


I LOVE grocery shopping and especially on days like today. I spent $125 dollars and got all of this! (Just the fish and crab cakes alone would have been that much.) I like to shop the perimeter of the store and buy as much All Natural or Organic as possible. If you have been to my house you know that almost everything in my fridge has a “Manager Special” sticker- I love a deal 🙂


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