A New Hobby

My sweet cousin, Abby, made me a scarf and gave it to me at the Sheppard Christmas (our family reunion) in December. It is so beautiful and I have loved wearing it (and have received many compliments!). While we were there she also showed me how she had made it on a loom. I had tried knitting in the past but it took so long  and since I go “from one thing to the next” long projects do not work for me.


Thank you for the beautiful scarf, Abby!


I went and bought a loom Kit this past weekend at Joann’s (with a 40% coupon!) and have 2 finished products so far:) . The loom is easy to use and is perfect to work on while watching TV at night.  Here are the 2 finished products:

And here they are on my precious models/nieces:












If you are interested in purchasing a kit, this is the one I bought. I have liked having the different size looms that are included and the instructions are very well written. The flowers are felted and were just sewn on.


8 thoughts on “A New Hobby

  1. I had talked to your Mother last night and she told me about you having made the knitted items. I was so excited to see them on your blog as well as the children. You make everything sound so easy! The hat, scarf, and children are precious!

    This is the way I love to start my day–reading your blog and drinking my coffee.


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