Handmade Headbands

A few weeks ago my niece, Ava, came and stayed the night with Zach and I. She loves doing crafts and is very good at them and creative! We had made a headband that (I think she has worn almost everyday since) so yesterday evening I went over and we made a few more.  She really likes the wide headbands but they are sometimes hard to find. I ran into Family Dollar and found 3 that worked pretty well and she had a couple too. We  took  grosgrain ribbon and glued it to the headband and then added some felt appliques, yo-yo’s and buttons. Here is what we came up with 😀

Ava's headbands


I really love this glue that I got at Hobby Lobby a while back. It works so well and with almost any type of material.

Aleene’s Quick Dry Tacky Glue

5 thoughts on “Handmade Headbands

  1. First your such a sweet Aunt those are some cute headbands. I remember making hair bows with Dara out of ribbon, hot clue and some hair pins from A C Moore. We actually bought so much ribbon before at a yard sale that we still have the rolls today.

  2. I know that Danielle and Mason appreciate the time that you spend with Ava. The headbands are so cute!

    How do you make those pictures on your blog look burned or brown around the edges?

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