Dinner & a Movie: Courageous

I love Thursday nights-maybe because tomorrow is Friday or that  it  is a  great TV/movie night!  Last night I had a code for a free Red Box rental so I picked up “Courageous.” I had been hearing a lot about it on the Christian music station and Zach and I had talked about wanting to rent it. It was created by the same people who made Fireproof and had the same feel. It had a good message and some action. I would recommend it.

Homemade pizza is usually a good option on Thursday nights but, last night we tried something new and I think we may have a new favorite meal- spicy chicken wraps and jalapeno cold slaw. Both recipes are super easy!

Spicy Chicken Wraps

Our Kroger marks down their rotisserie chickens to around $2 after the dinner rush so I always buy a few and then freeze the chicken off the bone  for the crock pot or fast meals. Last night I put about 4 cups chicken in the crock pot with some Sweet Baby Ray’s barbecue sauce and this new hot sauce that  Zach is loving (the chili sauce that you usually see at Chinese restaurants)  Since the chicken is already cooked it really just needs to heat up and let the flavors mix, so making it on the stove would work too. Once the chicken was good and hot I  put it on  tortillas with shredded cheddar and pepper jack cheese. I placed in the oven for a few minutes on broil until the cheese melted. We topped with some homemade Guacamole and it was delish!

Sweet & Spicy Chicken

The Jalapeno Coleslaw is really easy too! All you need is:

1 head of cabbage

3 carrotts

1 small onion

3 green onions

1 jalapeno

A pinch of sugar

A little white vinegar (maybe 1/4 cup)


Salt & pepper to taste


Put veggies in food processor to chop. (We like ours pretty fine- Like Chick-fil-A)  Once veggies are chopped add Mayo, vinegar, sugar, salt & pepper.

Refrigerator dishes are great for storing salads

Zach bought me these antique refrigerator dishes last year for Christmas and I love them!  They are the perfect size and can be placed directly on the table for serving because they look so nice.

If you have any questions about any of the recipes I post,  feel free to ask!


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