Down the Road

Yesterday afternoon Zach and I decided to take a drive to Hartsville. It is about 15 minutes down the road from us but so different! We had found some older homes when we were house hunting that looked really nice for the price but when Zach drove out there he said it is not where I would want to live. Very, very small and the downtown looked like a ghost town. I like small but not empty.  All of the little shops and restaurants were empty or closed.

They do have a pretty cute sign!


My grandmother and her 7 brothers and sisters grew up in Hartsville so we went by their house. It is actually for sale so we were able to look around the outside. It was a weird feeling looking in the windows and imagining them all growing up there. Seven of the 8 were born in the house. They built it in 1916 and moved in Feb of that year before the oldest son, Richard was born.

The Sheppard House in Hartsville


My grandmother has been gone a month this past weekend. The missing part has really started to kick in. I wore her gold glitter cat sweatshirt yesterday~ I love how it feels even with the shoulder pads!

Zach brought Kutta, my grandmother’s cat, to our house today. We tried to bring him shortly after her passing but he was not ready. He was crying – not like how he meowed today but loud mourning cries so we had decided to give him some more time. He is doing fine and is beginning to purr. Lucy and Kutta know each other but haven’t seen each other since Kutta’s arrival. We are taking Kutta one room at a time and letting him get comfortable while Lucy is outside. Will let you know how it goes.

Kutta's arrival




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