Breakfast for Dinner?

My sweet friend Karen, came over for lunch yesterday and brought me the coolest magazine! It is called Where Women Cook, there is also one called Where Women Create that I am definitely going to get!

Where Women Cook


She also brought me this beautiful hydrangea!

Thank you, Karen! I can't wait to plant these so they can come back every year!


Tonight I decided to cook breakfast for dinner and use a recipe out of my new magazine. My little friend Ella, (and blog follower) thinks it is my specialty. Whenever I go and see her we always cook “breakfast for dinner” so Ella, I tried a new recipe out for you!


Cornmeal Cheddar Quiche!


I had never made a quiche before and this one turned out pretty good. I did make it earlier and then had Zach put it in the oven and forgot to have him stir it so all of the cornmeal settled to the bottom but other than that it was good. I liked this recipe because it doesn’t have many ingredients and they all are things I usually have around the house.

I halved the recipe by putting in 4 eggs, 2 cups of milk, 1/2 cup cornmeal, 8 oz of cheese and salt & pepper to taste. You just mix them up and put in a greased pie dish and bake for 45-50 minutes 350 degrees.

The magazine also had a recipe for an apple salsa but I had made a cranberry salsa over the weekend so I just added in some red & yellow peppers, green apple and green onions to my mixture.

Cheddar Cornmeal Quiche with Cranberry Apple Salsa

On Pinterest I had seen where you could make hash browns in your waffle iron! I don’t use mine much so it is great for it to have another use. I added a little onion and sea salt for flavor.

Waffle Iron Hash Browns- might look burnt but they were actually AWESOME!!!




2 thoughts on “Breakfast for Dinner?

  1. Wow DELISH, Sara Beth! I am having some friends over for dinner next week and am going to give that quiche a whirl 🙂 Waffle Iron Hashbrowns are INGENIOUS IMHO, can’t wait to try!

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