Extreme Couponing: Pegg Edition

I think tonight was the closest I have ever been to becoming an extreme couponer! I like to cut coupons and have my coupon binder and all but tonight was taking it to a new level! The Food Lion in Hendersonville is closing and everything is 50% plus you can use coupons!  So this evening Zach and I headed over there with coupons in hand. He didn’t really want to go but I think he had fun. 🙂  We also ran into Lauren there and she found some good deals too.

A Deal Diva

Today was the first day for 50% off and this evening we were still able to get some great deals on stuff WE USE! Of course I picked up some random things but for the most part it was basics. Several around Nashville are closing so it is a great time to stock up. Fifty percent off is good but a lot of times you can get that with the B1G1 so the coupons really make a big difference.

I have to admit I was a little anxious before checking out. I had over 50 coupons to give the lady! But everything went so fast and smooth. The check out people were so nice and friendly and I know they were exhausted because most of them had been working since 8 am.

The nicest employee!

I hate it for the employees that the stores are closing. So many of them will be loosing their jobs. My mom was at the library this morning and Mrs. Dorathy, the librarian, knows the manager of the Hermitage store and said he will be looking for a job and has a family. So keep them all in your prayers as they look for something.

We ended up spending about $180 and got all of this (+ a big bag of Pedigree for Lucy)!  There were lots of items we got for free!

I learned to coupon off of Faithfulprovisions.com. Kelly Hancock, who started the site actually just wrote a book called Saving Savvy that I would highly recommend!  It is a very easy reader and so informative. She lives in Nashville so she always has the stores on the site that are around here. We really like to shop all natural and organic and she is good about telling you how to do that and organizing your coupons.

Happy Shopping Ya’ll!


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