I Heart Crafts!

With Valentine’s drawing near and seeing all of the cute crafts on Pinterest, I have been in the crafting mood! Here are a few of the crafts I worked on this weekend.

#1 Heart Wreath 

I purchased this wreath at Fred’s for $1 and added a special touch to it with stuff I had around the house. (My cousin, Abby, works for Fred’s corporate and I wanted to check out the local store.- It was great and the employees were so nice and helpful!)

Dollar Wreath from Fred's


I have a hard time parting with Cards and found this precious one that my mom had sent us for our first Valentine’s so I took the embellishments off of it and added it to the wreath.

I had just purchased this butterfly thing to put on a Christmas package next year.  I lucked out and hit Michael’s on the day when everything went 90% off so I think I paid like .60 cents.

I wasn’t feeling the butterfly for this wreath so I started playing with the wings and came up with these roses. I simply rolled the wings up and it turned out like this.

I added the roses, berries and card embellishments to the wreath and here is the finished product:

And I found the perfect place to hang it!

#2 Rose Bulletin Board

On my same trip to Michael’s I found this tin of paper roses and thought they would be perfect to glue onto push pins. My sister in law has some that I have always thought were so cute.



I then sprayed this old gold frame that I had with red paint.

The Finished Product


Loving the rose push-pins

The 1Corinthians 13  page that is tacked on the bulletin board is something I made the other day with a cute new font I had downloaded. It is the amplified version and I love how it reads. It is something good to read everyday. If you would like a copy message me and I will send it to you. Also, it is great to include in your Valentine cards!

#3 Flower Applique Jacket

Back in December I found this Coldwater Creek jacket at Goodwill. I took it to be dry cleaned and it came back looking like new.

I loved it the way it was but thought it would be cuter with something added to it. I had these felt flowers and decided to add them on with some fabric glue.

Very easy and cute to add to an old jacket to update it a bit.

I have a few more things I am working on that I will post soon. Hope everyone has had a wonderful Monday!


Sara Beth


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