Leaving a Legacy

On Saturday night,  the Lakewood Theater in Old Hickory held their annual Lakie awards. My grandmother was the founder of the theater and they honored her memory at the event. The lobby was decorated with her paintings and pictures.

Painted by Daisye Ramsay

Row Boat by Daisye Ramsay

I was unable to go because I had a commitment but my mom said I would have been so touched by all of the nice things that were said about my her and the standing ovation by over 100 attendees. One of the comments was that “It is so important to remember our past and if it wasn’t for Daisye Ramsay none of us would be sitting here tonight.”

I grew up at the theater- serving refreshments, decorating the lobby, being in plays and always getting costumes together.I learned so much from those experiences. I sometimes had to play a part like Tweedle Dee (or Dum) but that is part of life- doing things you don’t want to do- and you always learn something along the way.

My grandmother loved theater and making a difference in the community. Through her passing and the passing of her brother in the past month, It has really made me want to get involved and make a difference. Her brother (my great-uncle) Dr. Ralph Sheppard of Scottsboro, AL was an amazing man. The article that was in his city news paper was so well written and told all about his accomplishments over his lifetime. ( Click here to read the article.) Only if all of us lived like those of the “Greatest Generation.”

I have heard about the exercise where you write your own obituary when you are young and I think it is a great idea. It gives you a goal and something to work towards.I think I will work on that…



4 thoughts on “Leaving a Legacy

  1. Dada was a wonderful lady. I feel so lucky to have known her. As I can see from your posting about her brother she comes from good stock! For both of them what a legacy to leave behind!


  2. How wonderful Sara Beth….I am sure you will make a difference in your life…many will be touched by you and know your wonderful spirit and heart. A legacy your grandmother and mother have passed on to you. I am sure your Dada is smiling proudly right now just watching her family blossom!

  3. AWWWW! didn’t know Daisy was the founder of the theater! How awesome! I so enjoyed looking at her ‘paintings’ at the funeral home…how proud you and your family must be…I, am proud to have know her!!!

  4. Wow, what a beautiful homage to your grandmother. I was amazed at her artistic talents when I saw her paintings. How cool that she started a local theatre and you are blessed by her legacy. Awesome.

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