Playing House

Since we moved in October, we haven’t really had a free weekend to just be at home until this weekend. Even this week I woke up early Saturday with all kinds of plans but ended up not leaving the house. It was great being here and getting a few more boxes unpacked and feeling more organized.  Zach was able to work in his “man cave” which is something he had really been wanting to do. I have been working on my craft room and trying to come up with a plan. I had no idea how many craft supplies I had until this move! I can’t wait to have them all organized and in one room.

Friday night we had our old next door neighbors (and dear friends) over. We had a great time!  I  served heavy appetizers. I was trying to think of a way to label the different foods and thought of this chalkboard I had that goes inside a frame. It worked out perfectly and looked pretty cute .


We miss our sweet neighbors!

My mom came over last week and helped us hang some pictures and decorate a little. She has a good eye for putting things together and we think alike so it is good to get confirmation before hanging paintings and moving around furniture.



Just moving furniture from one side to the other made a room feel so much larger.


















We still have some concert silk screen prints to have framed but we got our wall started.









As my craft room comes together I will post pics.


Enjoy this beautiful Monday!


Sara Beth




2 thoughts on “Playing House

  1. looking forward to pics of your craft room! I love mine! If you want, go to my fb page and look for pics of my craft room…I just ‘re-organized’!

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