Scattered, Smothered & Covered…

In high school we literally went to Waffle House a couple of times a week. I even remember being there with the Brandywine crew on Christmas Eve. We knew all of the employees and always ordered the same things. Those were the days 🙂 I can’t say that I have been to Waffle House lately but I have been using my own waffle iron… for more than just waffles!

For Every Season There is a Salad

I had posted a couple of weeks ago about Breakfast for Dinner and how I had seen on Pinterest where you could make hash-browns in the waffle iron.  They were delicious!  On Saturday, I decided to try out a new recipe from a cookbook my dad had given me. For Every Season There  is a Salad . I made the winter salad, Arugula with Pancetta, Grilled Asparagus & White beans with a side of Jalapeno Waffles. The book was written by Linda Steidel. (she went to high school with my dad in Texas) Every recipe sounds so good!



Super easy and it made enough for me to make them again this week.

Jalapeno Waffles

We also made a salad and it was delicious too! It was the most time consuming salad

I have ever made but it was worth it!  The jalapeno waffle bread was a perfect side!

Arugula with Pancetta.Grilled Asparagus & White Beans


I decided to search online for other things you could use your waffle maker for and I found this great site: Waffleizer. It has recipes from hashbrowns to bread pudding to even cheese burgers! Have you ever used your waffle maker to cook anything else?





2 thoughts on “Scattered, Smothered & Covered…

  1. You put me to shame Sara Beth! I have never even thought of using a waffle iron for anything but waffles! Were the hash browns good that you did in it? How about the recipe for the salad and waffle bread? Could you post that? I plan to call you tomorrow about the rental.


  2. Evidently the waffle iron is used a lot for more than just waffles. I have a friend (male) that makes almost everything he eats on a waffle iron: pork chops, chicken, etc. He inverts the waffle side so that it’s “smoooth cookin’ “. And, Rachael Ray had a whole week of waffle iron cooking last year…from waffles, entrees, snacks and desserts. I think I heard that she is having another week of waffle iron “wonders” coming up maybe next week or very soon…So, tune in or go to her website for recipes. Guess I need to invest in one of those “old fangled ‘new things’! “GAL” PS There ain’t no place like the Waffle House! (Good…or Bad???)

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