I love flowers, candy, and everything that goes along with Valentine’s Day! Here are 2 ideas if you are looking for something for that special someone or just to have at your home. When I was in Aldi’s this afternoon I found these precious rose flower potted plants. They have them on sale for $3.99 and not only do they look great now but can be planted and enjoyed for longer than cut flowers. I had seen on Martha Stewart where she put conversation hearts and red hots in the bottom of vases.   I love the conversation hearts but don’t really like how they taste so this is the perfect project for them!

To make these you just need a glass container that the plant will fit down in but will still have room on the sides.  The flowers had a clear container around the pot so I slipped it off and filled the container with Sweethearts around it. Once the Sweethearts are around the bottom of the container you can add more by moving the plastic over and dropping them in the side between the glass and the container.

Once the Sweethearts are to the top, add the flowers and you have a beautiful arrangement!

I also made one with red hots. The square container was definitely easier but both look great! I think I will try making these in the fall with candy corn or with peppermints at Christmas time. After Valentine’s they will mark the conversation hearts down to nearly nothing (90% off)  and if you are just planning on using them in arrangements buy them for next year!

Another thing I picked up at Aldi’s were some strawberries and white chocolate bark. They have the strawberries for $1.50 this week and are perfect to dip in chocolate. Since so many things for Christmas are red and white there are a lot of items you can pick up after Christmas and use for Valentine’s! I had that in mind and purchased these cute cupcake boxes and baker’s twine on clearance at World Market.

Once I dipped my strawberries I grated dark chocolate over them.

I just put a doily in the bottom of the box and then tied with bakers twine. Turned out pretty cute!


4 thoughts on “Sweetheart

  1. Sara Beth
    I love your blog! It is a great way for me to keep in touch with sweet Sara Beth! Can’t wait for summer at CCYC!

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