Letters Left Behind

Today at church Zach showed me a letter his mom had written to him during church one Sunday in 2001. I had seen it before but it always makes me happy to think that she would be proud of him and our marriage. I never got to meet her but know she was such a wonderful woman with a beautiful spirit. I think we would have gotten along well because we like a lot of the same things and I love her son so much. Annelle left a lasting impression on so many and will always be missed.

I have really been missing my grandmother this last week. The other morning I was having my quiet time and found a note in my Bible from her from 2007. I had not seen it in a while but it described exactly what I was feeling. “I am already missing you and think about you everyday and night, always.”

Life is crazy, hard, and wonderful. All of these circumstances and people in our lives make us who we are. I am so lucky to have Zach and love every minute we spend together.

This weekend we had a great time doing what we love- antiquing. Saturday we went to the Hendersonville Flea Market and then by several other stores.  Sunday we went to some Estate sales.  The next Hendersonville Flea Market is the first weekend in March. Go check it out!

This booth was really cute! They have an Etsy store too.

I bought a really cute purple chair from them…

and then found 3 more at an estate sale today that have not been painted . What are the chances of that?!?

There were several really cool booths at the flea market- not as many as Nashville- but they are just starting out and so far so good.

We both like picking but this booth was to much. How did they even get all of that stuff to stay on tables? Display is a must in a place like this 🙂

Looks like something from Horders


As we were leaving I saw the Sugar Gliders and fell in love! I had seen them before but never held one. If Lucy or Kutta wouldn’t eat it, we would have brought one home. It was a lot like my ferret. Alfa, that I use to have but a lot smaller and didn’t bite 🙂  They even have little purses you could buy for them! Maybe we will get one for a niece for Christmas. Ha!

I fell in love with this little guy!

I hope everyone had a good pre-Valentine weekend 🙂


Sara Beth



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