A Perfect Day

I can say that yesterday was my favorite Valentine’s Day to date! It was so nice and so relaxing. I had no expectations and it turned out perfectly!  I think being a girl we make up all of this stuff in our heads about if our husbands would only do this we would be happy… But in all reality, most of them have no clue. They are just wired different and don’t always think that way.  Zach does sweet things all the time and  it might not be over the top romantic but it is in his own way (and I love it).  Yesterday I did wake up to some wonderful surprises. We are not huge gift givers to each other but we both did pretty good this year!

So excited about the gumball machine to put in my pink craft room!

I have been wanting an Amplified Bible so he found one that has the King James Version & Amplified side by side.  He also got me these encouragement/memory verse cards for wives and some for himself for husbands. I was having trouble coming up with something he would want and remembered this pillow we had seen around Christmas- it has speakers in it. We usually sleep with music on (from Pandora on our phones) so this will be great when he wants to listen to something I don’t prefer. I got it at Bed Bath and Beyond if you are interested 🙂

There is this site called Dating Divas and they have some really cute ideas for couples. I made a version of their candy Valentine for Zach. I just went to Dollar Tree and got some different kinds of candy and then wrote  a little note including the titles. This could really be done for any holiday or birthday.

We had talked about going out and decided we would rather stay in and cook. I picked up some Sushi from the Kroger Marketplace that was outstanding! We had that as an appetizer but could have been our whole meal!

Crunchy Roll & Yum Yum Spicy Roll

When we were eating dinner last night at home I thought, “Why can’t we make every night this special?” Music and candles are easy and a nice touch to an ordinary day! It doesn’t have to take a special day to do something nice for a spouse or friend.






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