A True “From One Thing to the Next” Post

The other night I was over at my friend Karen’s house for dinner and a devotional. She had made the most amazing salad and everyone loved it! Saturday we had a family birthday party and I decided to take the salad. It was easy to make and so bright and colorful!

All ingredients can be purchased at Aldi's

Put your spinach and mixed greens in a bowl and then top with blueberries, sliced strawberries, chopped green apple pieces and then topped with cashews.

I think the dressing was a perfect compliment for this salad and only takes a minute to make. You mix equal parts of olive oil (or grapeseed oil), white wine vinegar, and sugar and whisk together.

Since the ingredients separate you must whisk right before serving.

 And on to the next thing…

I went into Staples last week to purchase some new tags to but on my items at the Beehive and saw where Martha Stewart has a new office line. I saw several items I liked.

A few items were over priced, like 3 pieces of chalk for over $3! I have been seeing the chalkboard labels on Pinterest but did not know where to get them so I was glad to see them there.

Just a reminder, Staples gives you $2 per recycled ink cartridge to spend in the store. You can get up to $20 per month.  It is fun to go in with the certificate and stock up on new office supplies.

And while I am on a roll of random things, I have been meaning to post about birthday deals that different stores give out. There is a list on Faithful Provisions  of different deals. Many of the coupons are sent via email and can be used anytime during your birthday month. I recently registered on Dunkin’ Donuts rewards and they send you a coupon for a free coffee just for signing up and then one on your birthday. Since I signed up right before my birthday I got 2 coupons on the same day and used them both during 1 week. It was a great afternoon treat!

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Sara Beth


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