A Precious Party!

On Saturday, we went over to my brother & sister-in-laws house to celebrate the Feb. family birthdays. Danielle had everything looking absolutely adorable! She and Ava, my niece, did all of the decorating in pinks and reds for a Valentine theme.  The tissue paper pom poms she hung from the ceiling were so festive and fun.

The 2 Birthday Girls

The menu was delicious and perfect for an afternoon party. She served 2 types of chicken casseroles, fruit salad, green salad, dressed eggs, and Sister Schubert rolls. For an appetizer she had sausage pinwheels and for dessert a chocolate bunt cake.

Danielle is a great decorator and always has everything looking like a magazine.  She is the go to person if you ever need advice on paint colors or help with decorating. Before we paint or make a big decorating change we get her approval. 🙂 She just helped my mom decide on painting her brick fireplace and it really transformed and updated the room. I think her mom, Debbie, is painting hers this week.

I loved the centerpieces with the pink carnations! What a great idea to use the teapots and other serving pieces for the arrangements.

She also had the kids’ table fixed really cute!

The kids' table
Brian, Danielle, & Jill ~ The February Birthdays


Happy 2nd Birthday, Jill!
Pink Sparkling Lemonade from Trader Joe's
Cranberry Mimosas with darling pink & white straws

Ava had the idea of putting the tissue paper flowers under the glass on their kitchen table. I loved the way it looked and is a great idea for decorating for other holidays. It made me want to get a glass top dining room table.

Both sides of the family went in together to buy Jill a jumpy house from Little Tikes. It was the perfect gift and her reaction was priceless! She was squealing and so excited. For the past month, when you asked Jill what she wanted for her birthday she would say “iPad, I want an iPad.” It was so cute but crazy to think that she was turning 2 and was asking for one. They got her a Leap Pad and she was satisfied with that and didn’t know the difference.

Ava lucked out because it was like a gift for her too!

The whole party turned out perfect! The girls (and William) are lucky to have a mom that is so creative and into details because the details made the party perfect!



2 thoughts on “A Precious Party!

  1. Wow, super cool. Your entire family is so into it and I love it. I thought I was looking at Pinterest. Really great aesthetic and execution.

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