A true “From One Thing to the Next” post #2

I love going to the grocery store but, I have been trying not to go and use everything we have. I was in the mood for Italian the other night and Chicken Parmesan sounded good. I had just bought a rotisserie chicken on sale and decided to make the sauce with that. I just chopped up the chicken and then sauteed it with some italian herbs, garlic, and olive oil.  Then I added in tomato sauce. Before it was served I topped the pasta and sauce with some parmesan and mozzarella cheese.  I think it would be a good “Baked Spaghetti” recipe because it was even better the next day when I heated it in the oven. This is a recipe I will make again!

Chicken Parmesan Spaghetti

With the left overs I made mini Chicken Parm Pizzas. I just took the left over sauce and put it on toasted cocktail bread and then topped with Mozzarella cheese and baked for a few minutes. It was a great afternoon snack for Zach when he got off of work on Saturday.

Parmesan Pizza Bites

As I have mentioned in my previous post, I have been working on my craft room. I finished painting all of my furniture this weekend and am looking for some material for curtains. I also painted this old frame and had Zach add a cork board. I have started seeing really cute push pins in several boutique stores and figured they would be simple to make. My sister-in-law bought some precious ones at Tweed. Since my cork board is hanging above all of my folded fabric and sewing machines the buttons worked well and added some color. I just bought plain thumbtacks and then super glued different buttons on top.

Another idea I thought I would share is “comic wrapping paper.”  I have seen this before but everytime I would think about it I wouldn’t have a paper. We started getting the newspaper when we moved and as much as I love it, half the time I don’t read it all and end up taking it to recycling. I have started saving the comic section to use as wrapping paper. It looks really cute tied with bright raffia.

Happy Monday, Ya’ll.


Sara Beth


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