10 Things Ginny Has Taught Me

Zach’s grandmother, Ginny, is in the hospital and very sick. She had a minor stroke a couple of weeks ago and has been in a rehab facility. She now has a virus and has been sedated since Friday. Today she was showing some progress and response. Please keep her in your prayers.

I was thinking about the things Ginny has taught me and how much we would all miss her if she was not around. Some of them are quite funny so I thought I would share.

10 Things Ginny has taught me:

1. How to make chocolate & caramel turtles: She loves to cook and especially make candy to give to people. Every time we go and visit she will make something to send back to my family. She always shows me how she makes them using her candy molds. The most common one is caramel filled chocolate turtles. She melts the chocolate and then paints it inside the mold “using a paint brush I only uses for candy!”  Once it is dry, she pours her caramel in and then pours in chocolate to cover up the caramel.

2. How to make a rose out of a tomato peel:   You peel the tomato around and around until it is all off in one piece and then form it into a flower. She says it looks “impressive” on top of homemade potato salad and I agree!

3. You are never too old to carry brass knuckles or a black jack. Just last week in the hospital, the nurse was looking for something in Ginny’s purse and came across the brass knuckles. The nurse thought it was so funny and took them out to the nurses station to show them.

4. Always have a good joke on hand to break the ice.  If you have ever been around her you know this and some of them will make you blush! She demonstrated this the first time she met my family. ha!

5.  “Stay off of the Wacky Weed.” 

7. “Don’t act like you have more money than brains!” 

8. Some other great sayings like “I wouldn’t give you a nickle for a whole truck load of them” and some that might not be appropriate but are still funny coming from her.

9. Don’t throw away or get rid of anything you might need later. – I sometimes clean out drawers when I go and visit and somehow I think it all comes back inside right when I leave.

10. How to make Pizzelle Cookies


The Pegg Family~ Thanksgiving 2011

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