Just Paint It!

When looking at furniture that needs some work or is not a color I prefer, I have always said “Imagine it painted black.”  But now days you can paint it whatever color you like!  Painted furniture is really in whether it’s distressed,  a bright color or whitewashed. Here are a few before and after pictures of some projects I just finished…

I had found this end table online that a sweet couple in Old Hickory was giving away… FOR FREE!!! I needed a bedside table and it worked perfect! It looked nice before it was painted it but for the room I am using it in, I wanted it to pop!

For the desk and end table I just wiped them down and then applied several coats of spray paint. I really like to use Valspar spray paint from Lowes. It seams to go on better and they have a pretty good color selection. Super easy and came out with such a smooth finish.

I found this set of wooden candle sticks last weekend at a yard sale and knew they would look nice painted. When looking at furniture and objects, you should look at the style and lines of the piece and then imagine it in another color.

I also bought this lamp at a yard sale but was not liking the hot pink shade at all so I took a shade I had and hot glued the pom-pom trim around the edge.

A can of spray paint can make a big difference!

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Sara Beth

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Veggie Wraps

I can’t wait for home grown veggies to be in season. That is one thing I love about summer! There is nothing really different about these wraps but they are something I came up with a while back. I love their flavor and freshness.

To start, you want to get your veggies prepped. These wraps are perfect for lunches and you can prep lots of the veggies to have them ready to make the wraps for lunches. I like to use lettuce, red & yellow pepper, cherry tomatoes, sliced avacado, cucumber, and red onion.

My favorite wraps are these “Garden Spinach & Vegetables” tortillas. If you can’t find these any variety of tortilla will work.

Top your tortilla with shredded cheddar (or the cheese of your choice!) and broil until melted.

Next top with veggies and a little Zesty Italian dressing.

Wrap and Enjoy!

Check out these blog I just linked to! Lots of great ideas from other bloggers.


I made these tonight for us to have for dinner on the boat. It was a perfect night on the lake for a boat ride!

The Captain- This is my husband if you don't recognize him! It had been so long since he shaved his beard completely. I kept looking at him on Sunday thinking, " Zach, is that really you?"
Granna & Jill
Ava & Papa B
God is so good!

Happy Tuesday!

Sara Beth

Decorating for Easter and Spring

Even though we have not really had a winter, and have had many days that felt like Spring in January and February, still it has been nice for Spring to arrive and for everything to be in bloom! I don’t have many Easter decorations but I did a few things to brighten up my house.

I really love having the large vases on my mantle. They can be changed out from season to season and are nice for fresh flowers. (Thanks mom for letting me borrow them!)  

I had forgotten about my “Welcome Spring” sign.  I am really happy to have found it! Mine is fabric but you could easily make one by tracing letters onto different printed scrapbook paper. Next, punch holes and tie with a pastel ribbon. To make it even easier you could use Microsoft Word on your computer and pick a font that is just an outline. Type out in a large font and print directly onto scrapbook paper and then cut out.

A friend recently gave me the egg shaped vase on the cake stand.  I thought it would look perfect for a center piece on my dining room table. (I love it!  Jan, Thank you so much!) I gathered different size crystal candle sticks and placed them around the flowers. I think it looks beautiful with the Lenten roses.

I added some Bible verses on my chalkboards.

Nothing says HOPPY EASTER like this cute Bunny Wreath!!  Don’t you want one on your front door? My friend Lauren is making them and you can choose the ribbon colors. $25.00. If you want one, email her at lrhodes@tateornamental.com

Don't you want a bunny for your front door?

Hope you got some spring and Easter decorating ideas!


Sara Beth

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Spring Has Sprung at the Beehive!

I love this time of year! Everything is new and fresh, including merchandise at the Beehive! Saturday is a perfect day to stop by. The Beehive is open from 10:00 -6:00 pm and is located at 3808 Old Hickory Blvd. in Old Hickory.  Lots of the booths are filled with new Easter and spring items! There are also many types of plants and flowers and the selection will continue to grow. Check out their selection before heading to your main stream store.

Unique plants and moss varieties in stock

I have fallen in love with these felt bird houses. You can use them outside, and they will be the perfect home for birds to nest.  Don’t they have so much character?!

Buttercup Birdhouse
Of course I love this one!

Check out some of the new items!

New handmade items available
Bright colored chalk boards

I will be bringing in Spring and Summer clothing items tomorrow. There will be sizes for everyone.. and I mean everyone!

Have a wonderful weekend!

The Chicks Have Arrived

This evening we went to Garr’s in Mt. Juliet to pick out our baby chicks. We have been preparing for their arrival. Zach has built a chicken coop and our nieces have been picking out names. 

I think Ava is holding “Henrietta.” She also named one “Funky” and the other ” Butterball.”

They had 6 varieties to choose from. The owner was so nice and spent a lot of time showing us pictures of what they will look like and how to care for them. They will be getting in other breeds so we will get our other ones with the next shipment.

Picking out a Cinnamon Chicken
The best pic we could get with these four chickens!

We won’t have any eggs until September, but once they start we will have plenty!

For a couple of weeks we will keep them inside in a box with a heat lamp. They are only 4 days old and still need to keep warm. Look how cute they are…

Welcome Home!

When we finish the coop and they get big enough we will move them into their new home.

Some paint, a door, a roof and a brooder box and Home Sweet Home will be ready.

Zach and I drove separate so I asked him”Did they tweet the whole way home?” and he said “Until I took their phones away.” Haha 🙂

Have any of you ever had chickens? If you have any tips we would love to get them!

Sara Beth

$5 Ramen Makeover

My sister-in-law, Danielle, has several super easy & delicious recipes. I stopped by their house the other night and she had dinner on the stove. She told me how easy and good the Ramen recipe was that I couldn’t wait to try it! I was able to get all of the ingredients for under $5!


You start out by browning your ground beef in a skillet. Drain off the grease, if there is any. (That is one thing I love about Natural/super lean meat is there usually isn’t any grease.) Next, chop up your green onions and mix them in. Add in 1 cup of water and the seasoning packet from 1 package of Ramen. Break up your 2 noodle packets really well and then stir them in. (I had some that I didn’t break up very well and they were chewy.) Once everything is in the skillet cover and cook for about 6 minutes on Med-high heat. I also added a few red pepper flakes for flavor.

Danielle always serves hers with a side of Edamame, which I think would go well. Mine was pretty meaty so next time I think I would either add an extra pack of Ramen and 1/2 cup more water or save some of the meat to top pizzas. Overall, I give the recipe an A+ for flavor and value!


Sara Beth

Spring Is Here!!!

What a perfect first day of Spring! (It felt more like the first day of summer!) I stopped by my grandmother’s house today and it was so beautiful to see everything in bloom.  Hard… but beautiful. Her yard is full of flowers that bloom all during the year. She loved planting new bulbs and waiting for others to come up. Growing up, she taught me how to arrange flowers and would always have me pick them to take to a friend or neighbor. Different flowers reminded her of different people and now all flowers just remind me of her.

This is one of my favorite flowers-Lenten rose. My great-aunt Sara gave her a starter of this. I picked some of these to bring home.

The ducks came to visit!

Can you see the Kangaroo?

One thing that always amazed me was the way my grandmother could find things that looked like something else. I remember one afternoon when she asked me “If I could see the Kangaroo?” I looked up and instantly saw it.  At Christmas we got a red bow for his neck.  At her real estate office there was this wood wall where she had seen all sorts of images in the wood grain and would outline them with a Sharpie.  Once she outlined them you would just think, “Why didn’t I see that before?”

I will never forget the one time that we were at this really nice hotel and I went in the bathroom and she had taken nail polish and drawn a face on the bathroom tile because she said it was looking at her. We laughed and laughed and I still laugh thinking about it! She was just so creative and saw things that most didn’t notice.

Enjoy all the beauty of this season!


Sara Beth