Is It Really March Already?

This year is really flying by and I can’t believe it is already March! With St. Patrick’s day only 17 days away I have come up with a few decorating ideas that are simple and cheap.

To make a clover chain, start by cutting the clover cards in half so each card will make 2 clovers.

Punch holes in either side and then connect with a cute ribbon. Spray with adhesive and sprinkle with glitter.

I was about to run to the dollar store to see if they had a clover that I could make into a wreath or something and remembered this flower I had bought a while back at Michael’s. I was able to form one of the petals into a stem. It works and looks somewhat like a clover.

If you can’t tell, I love my chalk boards and they are perfect for holidays. If you are looking for one, I have some for sale down at the Beehive in Old Hickory.  Also, I can custom make them depending on what size/color you need.

For this subway tile art you can download it for free from A Little Lovely and then glue on a cute piece of scrapbook paper and add a clover. I hung mine on the fridge but it would look cute in a frame too!

Hope this month is filled with luck!


Sara Beth


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