One of My Favorites

Only 2 Ingredients

My mom’s roast has always been one of my favorite things she makes. It is so tender and is good to eat as a meal or on a sandwich. It was usually the dinner I would request for my birthday when I was growing up. All you need is lemon pepper and an Eye Round Roast. Start by washing and drying your cut of meat and then coating it with lemon pepper.

Ready to Bake

Place in a pyrex dish with a rack or you can put 2 balls of tin foil under each side so the juices can run off. You want to save the drippings to make your gravy. Bake at 350 degrees for about 45minutes to an hour per pound. This was a 3lb roast and I cooked it for about 2 and a half hours.

My mom says this recipe is kind of like the Fried Bologna recipe I brought home from my great aunt’s house when I was a kid. I laugh every time I read it. So self explanatory but I felt the need to write it down- 1 piece of bologna- put in skillet. ha!

To make the gravy you will want to boil just a little bit of water and pour in the Pyrex dish once you have taken your roast out. This will help release the drippings from the dish.  In a separate jar put about 1 cup water with a couple of tablespoons of flour. Shake until you have no lumps. In a warm skillet, mix drippings, flour mixture and a few tablespoons of chilli powder. The gravy has a kick to it and I think makes the meal.

The gravy recipe was my grandmother’s (on my dad’s side) Everything she cooked was delicious- even a plain ol’ ham and cheese sandwich. Somehow a meal like this would take her all day but was worth the wait. Mom always said that when they would eat there for Thanksgiving my grandmother and her sister would start early in the morning cooking and they would end up eating about 9pm that night.

My favorite sides to have with the roast are honey glazed carrots, mashed potatoes and Le Sueur Peas. When heating the peas I add a little olive oil and fresh pepper. They are perfect to keep in the pantry to have with any meat and starch.

I buy the ones with the mushrooms and pearl onions already in the can.
One of my favorite meals


Sara Beth


4 thoughts on “One of My Favorites

  1. I am trying this on Sunday! Sounds and looks delicious!

    I laughed outloud when I read about you copying down the recipe for the fried bologna when you were little. I can just see you doing that and placing the recipe in your stash of things that you carried with you to your aunt’s house that day! 🙂 That is hilarious!

    Ashley called me yesterday. I called the club and cancelled and they will mail me back my checks. Good for her that she can save that money.

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