A Cat Named Frog

About 10 years ago Zach’s friend had a litter of kittens at his house. One kitten in particular was having problems using his back legs so Zach would give it “therapy” to try to help it walk. He decided to take it home with him and name him “Frog” because of the problem with his back legs.

Frog has lived in several places since Zach adopted him. Frog had been living with an ex-girlfriend for a while and then one day we got the call that she wanted to get rid of him. Zach was thrilled because he loves cats and really missed Frog. We were living in Boone at the time and Zach could not have animals at his apartment but I could. I will never forget the first morning I had him. I woke up and that cat was on my bed staring at me. Zach had told me he had attacked his ex and I was scared to death. But we bonded fine and I don’t think he ever even scratched me.

When we moved to Nashville, Frog went to live at Bob’s house (Zach’s dad). Ginny his grandmother was living there and they bonded immediately. She loved Frog and spoiled him rotten! Ever since Ginny has been sick and away from the house, Frog has not been acting the same. He has been missing her and wanting more attention.

Late Tuesday night, I got back to Bob’s house and was sitting by the fire talking to Zach on the phone. Frog was sitting in a chair in the same room when all of a sudden we heard a thump and 2 loud cries. Frog had fallen off the chair and was laying on his side gasping for air. He had a heart attack and died in Bob’s arms. I woke up the next morning feeling like it was all a dream. I was a mess and so glad that Bob was there when it happened.

It is like he died of a broken heart. I think he knew about Ginny and has been so stressed and sad since she has been in the hospital and rehab. Animals bring such joy and you can never be ready to see them go. Even though Frog hasn’t lived with us for a while, Zach still had so many good memories with him!

This is not a very becoming picture of Frog, by all means, but I always thought this picture was funny because he looked like one of those cat clocks!

A special “THANK YOU” to our friend Nick for burying Frog in the back yard yesterday.

I have heard that cats have a sixth sense and believe it is true. In the past 3 months I have seen 2 cats grieve and sense death. My grandmother’s cat would not eat or go into her room for a couple of weeks before she passed. Even before we knew it was getting close to her passing, Kunta knew.  Click here for an interesting article about cat’s “Sixth Sense.”

I have always loved this pic! Cats have always liked Zach and I think it is because of his sweet spirit.

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