A St. Patrick’s Day Dinner

We had a little get together on Saturday night for a St. Patrick’s Day dinner. I tried some new recipes that I would recommend. The Corn Beef turned out perfect! All I did was put it in the crock pot on low for 8 hours with the seasoning packet (that was included) and 1 can of beer. My grandmother’s boyfriend, Harry, would always cook cabbage and corn beef.  He would say “the key is to cook with beer.”  It worked. It was so tender and perfect! We are going to get another one to cook this week to have for sandwiches.

For an appetizer, I made Corn Beef Grilled Cheese Sandwiches with Guiness Caramalized Onions. I found the recipe on Pinterest and it is worth trying! I used the mini cocktail rye bread instead since it was just a starter.

I also tried the warm pimento cheese dip from the Tupelo Honey Cafe cookbook that I mentioned last week. Here is a link to another blog that has the recipe posted. AMAZING!!!

And to serve with the main course, I made a  traditional Irish potato recipe called Colcannon. I don’t know that it was really worth the work. I think regular mashed potatoes might have been just as good.

Here are a few pics from the evening…

Crepe paper rainbow 🙂

2 precious baby boys!

This was a miracle that everyone was looking and smiling- even Lucy!

Happy Monday!

Sara Beth


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