Spring Is Here!!!

What a perfect first day of Spring! (It felt more like the first day of summer!) I stopped by my grandmother’s house today and it was so beautiful to see everything in bloom.  Hard… but beautiful. Her yard is full of flowers that bloom all during the year. She loved planting new bulbs and waiting for others to come up. Growing up, she taught me how to arrange flowers and would always have me pick them to take to a friend or neighbor. Different flowers reminded her of different people and now all flowers just remind me of her.

This is one of my favorite flowers-Lenten rose. My great-aunt Sara gave her a starter of this. I picked some of these to bring home.

The ducks came to visit!

Can you see the Kangaroo?

One thing that always amazed me was the way my grandmother could find things that looked like something else. I remember one afternoon when she asked me “If I could see the Kangaroo?” I looked up and instantly saw it.  At Christmas we got a red bow for his neck.  At her real estate office there was this wood wall where she had seen all sorts of images in the wood grain and would outline them with a Sharpie.  Once she outlined them you would just think, “Why didn’t I see that before?”

I will never forget the one time that we were at this really nice hotel and I went in the bathroom and she had taken nail polish and drawn a face on the bathroom tile because she said it was looking at her. We laughed and laughed and I still laugh thinking about it! She was just so creative and saw things that most didn’t notice.

Enjoy all the beauty of this season!


Sara Beth


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