The Chicks Have Arrived

This evening we went to Garr’s in Mt. Juliet to pick out our baby chicks. We have been preparing for their arrival. Zach has built a chicken coop and our nieces have been picking out names. 

I think Ava is holding “Henrietta.” She also named one “Funky” and the other ” Butterball.”

They had 6 varieties to choose from. The owner was so nice and spent a lot of time showing us pictures of what they will look like and how to care for them. They will be getting in other breeds so we will get our other ones with the next shipment.

Picking out a Cinnamon Chicken
The best pic we could get with these four chickens!

We won’t have any eggs until September, but once they start we will have plenty!

For a couple of weeks we will keep them inside in a box with a heat lamp. They are only 4 days old and still need to keep warm. Look how cute they are…

Welcome Home!

When we finish the coop and they get big enough we will move them into their new home.

Some paint, a door, a roof and a brooder box and Home Sweet Home will be ready.

Zach and I drove separate so I asked him”Did they tweet the whole way home?” and he said “Until I took their phones away.” Haha 🙂

Have any of you ever had chickens? If you have any tips we would love to get them!

Sara Beth


One thought on “The Chicks Have Arrived

  1. They are adorable! What a fun time! I had baby chicks when I was a little girl. Back then they sold them at the dime store and they were dyed different colors for Easter. I love Garr’s!

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