Veggie Wraps

I can’t wait for home grown veggies to be in season. That is one thing I love about summer! There is nothing really different about these wraps but they are something I came up with a while back. I love their flavor and freshness.

To start, you want to get your veggies prepped. These wraps are perfect for lunches and you can prep lots of the veggies to have them ready to make the wraps for lunches. I like to use lettuce, red & yellow pepper, cherry tomatoes, sliced avacado, cucumber, and red onion.

My favorite wraps are these “Garden Spinach & Vegetables” tortillas. If you can’t find these any variety of tortilla will work.

Top your tortilla with shredded cheddar (or the cheese of your choice!) and broil until melted.

Next top with veggies and a little Zesty Italian dressing.

Wrap and Enjoy!

Check out these blog I just linked to! Lots of great ideas from other bloggers.


I made these tonight for us to have for dinner on the boat. It was a perfect night on the lake for a boat ride!

The Captain- This is my husband if you don't recognize him! It had been so long since he shaved his beard completely. I kept looking at him on Sunday thinking, " Zach, is that really you?"
Granna & Jill
Ava & Papa B
God is so good!

Happy Tuesday!

Sara Beth


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