Garden 2012: Just the Beginning

We spent the weekend moving our garden from our old house to our new house. It was a work out and every muscle in my body felt it! Last year we had spent quite a bit and purchased really good soil and materials for raised beds and didn’t want to start from scratch. We borrowed a trailer and got to work.

Just the beginning...
All of the beds and dirt loaded up!

I had received a bid from a guy to move it for us but, we did it and saved $200+. ( After doing it ourselves I think I would have charged $400+ to move it!) But, it was actually very gratifying seeing our accomplishment at the end of the weekend- even though there is plenty still to do!

Not finished but at least it is all here

We are planning on adding several more beds than we had last year in hopes that we will have lots to freeze and can.  The greenhouse still needs to be moved but that is another weekend project. So much to do!

Here is what it looked like last year  but we have some fun updates and ideas for this year.

Last year when the garden was in full growth

 I might be steeling some ideas from this precious garden I found on Pinterest.  It is so fun and whimsical!

Love this!

I am looking forward to going out to the backyard and getting baskets full of fresh veggies! It is so rewarding to cook with things you have grown.

From the 2011 garden

Are any of you planting gardens this year? Have you started? What are you planting? I want to know:)


Sara Beth


6 thoughts on “Garden 2012: Just the Beginning

  1. Love the whimsical garden—never seen one like that. However, your garden last year looked beautiful in the picture. My body hurts for you–that was hard work last weekend. Moving dirt is difficult–I’ve done it.

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