The King of Ragtime

All of my life my grandmother and great aunts have told me that we had cousins who lived in Gallatin and since we moved here we wanted to meet them!  It is always nice to have family close!  I had heard that one of our cousins, Johnny Maddox, lives in one of the oldest homes in the area and is an amazing piano player. He started recording in the 1950’s and put out over 50 albums of his ragtime recordings. He still plays concerts in Durango, Colorado.


The other day my mom and I went over to visit. It was wonderful to just be there and talk to him and see family photos. We even got him to play us a song. He is so incredibly gifted and talented. I love watching a great musician and to see how effortless they make it look. Click here for a YouTube video I found of him playing in Colorado.

We loved talking with Johnny and we learned that he even has a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame!

Next to Roy Rodgers on the Hollywood Walk of Fame

Last year he was awarded a medal from the Gov for his “Contributions to the Arts of Tennessee.”

He played his Phonograph Cylinder for us and it was amazing! All of the songs were recorded on a wax cylinder and then sold in a cardboard tube. Wow how far they have come but you can’t beat the sound of an old player with the crackle and pops.

I love different colored glass bottles in windows! I had to take a picture because it was beautiful with the light shining through.

Love this! Barber Bottles

I loved seeing old family photos and learning more about my ancestors. If we don’t try to learn about our history now, one day that generation will not be able to tell us our history. It really is a gift getting to learn about your past.

"Aunt Daisye" who my grandmother was named for

Once you are around someone who has lived such a full life it makes you want to do more!

Happy Friday!

Sara Beth


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