Meet Tweety Bird – Our New Project

We recently purchased  a GMC Motorhome named Tweety Bird. She was born in 1973 and has traveled across the country.(To be able to travel across country again she will need some work!)  I invite you to follow along with us as we begin the transformation.

We are beginning to renovate so I thought it would be fun to post before and after pics along the way. I will love any design advice you might have! I am going fabric shopping this weekend to start on the interior. Our goal is to have it ready by summer so we better get busy!

The Kitchen- bedroom in the back
seating area

They all had different design features but this is the basic layout.

I love this advertisement I found! The colors and white curtains really open it up and feel more spacious! I am thinking about using black and white with accents of red, yellow and green.

Tweety Bird use to live with our friend Jimmy
Ya'll come back and check out the progress...

Sara Beth

Sumo's Sweet Stuff


6 thoughts on “Meet Tweety Bird – Our New Project

  1. Steve said you MUST have a picture painted of TWEETY on there somewhere…this is great, cannot wait to see the reno! We are actually in the market to purchase a travel trailer, and have been doing alot of research, and are so excited. I know this will be great fun for the two of you! Happy decorating!

  2. go to Ta Dah in hendersonville. they have a huge amount of upholstery fabric for really really cheap. tell them sharon’s hair dresser dana sent you.

  3. Hey Sara Beth, I love reading your blog and have several times. Looking forward to seeing the renovations. We bought a used motorhome a couple years ago and love it. They are somewhat a money pit but so it everything else you get into. Camping is so much fun and you meet the nicest people while touring around. We used to camp when our kids were little so have decided to get back into it in our retirement years. Have fun and enjoy!

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