Sticks & Chicks

Planting a garden takes a lot of work. I am trying to start as many plants from seeds this year because the cost of plants really adds up. I am so impatient when it comes to the seeds sprouting. It seems like it takes forever! So far I have planted squash, zucchini, eggplant, different varieties of tomatoes, cucumber, lettuce, okra and spinach.

Watching the garden grow
Watching the garden grow

My dear friend, Darlene, sent me a link to an idea from Martha Stewart for plant markers. They worked perfect for the   bed of spinach and okra I planted this weekend. The plant markers are easy to make and are free!  You just use a pocket knife or vegetable peeler to clear a place on a stick then write in what you have planted with a Sharpie. (Of Course Martha Stewart’s looked a lot better than the ones I made! )

twig plant markers

Our chicken coop is coming along- needs a little more paint and a door. The chickens grow so fast! They will be ready to go into the coop by next week.

Almost a place to call home!

We took the chicks to the assisted living  home next door for a visit. The residents loved them! They told us all kinds of stories about having chickens growing up.

Matching overalls
Loving "Fairy Tale"

My niece, Ava, named the chicks. We have “Butterball”, “Fairy Tale”, “Funky Chicken” and “Henrietta.”

Holding "Fairy Tale"
One of our neighbors holding "Butterball"
Me & Patsy, the activity director
Me & Patsy, the activity director
Stephanie with "Henrietta."

Are you planting a garden? What are you planting?


Sara Beth


4 thoughts on “Sticks & Chicks

  1. Where are the little chicks living since the coop isn’t built? What do baby chicks eat?? You are just another Martha Stewart. I am so ignorant about gardens and raising animals. Does Lucy and the kitten like the chicks or do they try to eat them??

    1. Since they are still pretty small and have not gotten all of their feathers they are in a box with a lamp in our garage. They are getting big and should be able to go outside next week. I put them in the grass and let them be outside some. Lucy saw them once and didn’t know what to think. The cat hasn’t seen them but since he is inside we should be ok. They say dogs and chickens can be good friends so once they are a little bigger we will introduce them.

    1. You are funny! 🙂 Thank you! We got my grandmothers cat. He is making the adjustment well but I hate that we can’t let him outside yet. He was always by the lake and here we live on a busy road. Him and Lucy like each other so that is good!

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