Ear Candling?

I am not in any way endorsing ear candling or telling you to go try them.  I am  just telling you my experience. I first used ear candles for fun when I was in college. They were advertising where you could go to the salon and have it done or you could buy them at the health food store and do them yourself. I haven’t used them in a while and we happened to see 2 new boxes of them at a yard sale for $.25. They are usually like $7 a box so we got them to do for fun.

Once we used them and I decided to write a post about ear candling, I looked up info about them online. I couldn’t find very many good articles or benefits! Actually, almost everything I read was bad. I don’t know that I have ever been able to tell a difference once I used them- maybe I felt like I could hear better or my head was clearer- but that could have just been in my mind. I am ALL ABOUT alternative medicine and treatments but not sure if these really do anything. What do you think?

Here is the basic process:

  1. You start by cutting a slit in a plate or metal pie pan and inserting the candle. (This will block any ashes from falling and possibly burning you .)

2. You then light one end and place the opposite end in your ear.

3. Once the ash is about an inch long you must take the cone out of your ear and cut that part off of the candle.

4. Once the candle has burned over half way down you can put out the flame and then unwrap the cone.

The fun part is seeing what supposedly comes out of your ear when you unwrap the cone. In some of the articles I read, it says it is just the wax from the cone.

Have you ever ear candled? Did you feel in benefits?


Sara Beth


One thought on “Ear Candling?

  1. We did it for awhile and found out it was
    The wax from the cone. Also the Dr told us
    There was no benefit to it so we stopped.
    Was fun though. You both looked cute posing for the pics.

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