My Go To Appetizer Recipe: Black Eyed Pea Dip

One of my go to recipes during the summer is for “Black Eyed Pea Dip.” It couldn’t be any easier and is always a hit!


All you need is…

Cans of Black Eyed Peas (drained and rinsed- I used 4 cans this time)

Red bell pepper (or whatever color you like)

Zesty Italian dressing  ( I like to use the regular and not the fat free)

Chopped onion (I was out and had to add in later)

Mix ingredients together and let marinate over night.

Mix ingredients together and let marinate

It is good to spoon into a bowl with a slotted serving spoon so some of the excess dressing can drain off. You can even add more cans of black eyed peas when the dip runs low and you still have quite a bit of dressing. I like it best served with tortilla chips.

Quick and Easy!


Sara Beth


Memorial Day 2012

Memorial Day weekend was wonderful. We enjoyed being up at Cedar Creek with family and friends. There were so many memorable events and activities that took place. On Saturday afternoon, they had a flyover of planes that did the “missing man formation.” It was something I will never forget!

Waiting for the planes to fly over
the fly over

After the planes flew over a man read the number of soldiers that had given their lives in every war during the history of our country. The numbers blew me  away but made me realize how many have sacrificed their lives so that we can live in this wonderful country!

Reading of the number of soldiers that sacrificed their lives during each war

During the afternoon, they had all sorts of activities for the kids- face painting,  a balloon man, pool games and inflatables. The face painter and balloon man were the best I have ever seen!

The balloon man that can make anything! I mean- look at his hat!!!
You can find the face painter at Blue Coast Burrito in Hendersonville on Thursday nights (I think- check the day)

On Saturday evening, the Patton James band played. They played our wedding and are our favorite band around! If you are ever looking for a band in the Nashville area, they won’t disappoint!

Mom & Dad
Patton James and the Synchromatics
Dancing with My Love
Loved the centerpieces and all of the decorations the Halcomb’s did. Everything looked great!

My dad was in charge of the Sunday church service. He did a wonderful job organizing it. Ken Dye preached a meaningful service as usual!  Ken married Zach and I in the same place almost 2 years ago. 🙂 Memorial Day weekend was a lot like our wedding with the same preacher, band and the heat!

Ken Dye

Monday morning we went and heard Terry Ashe– a Vietnam Verteran and winner of 3 purple hearts. He is a remarkable man who has truly lived his life serving our country. Thank God for all of the men like him!

Wilson County Sheriff Terry Ashe

Hope everyone had a great weekend!

Memorial Day 2012


Sara Beth

Flash Freezing

I just learned about this great technique that can really help to save money on produce. Flash freezing is easy and can be done on veggies, fruits and even meat. All you do is line a baking sheet with wax paper and then make a thin layer of whatever you want to freeze. Place the entire baking sheet in the freezer for 30 minutes to an hour (depending what it is).

Line baking sheet with wax paper

Once it is frozen place in freezer bags for storage. The good thing about this technique is that it will freeze each piece individually where you can get out a cup at a time or whatever you need for a recipe. So many times when you do freeze something it becomes one big lump and it must all thaw in order to be used so flash freezing will solve the problem! This is really great for fruit that can be used in smoothies.

I was in Kroger a couple of weeks ago and they had some multi color pepper packs for $.99. I bought several packs and then flash freezed them to have on hand for different recipes. It was so easy and worked great. Flash freezing will really come in handy this summer with veggies from our garden or when I see really good deals on strawberries.

I found out about this from Faithful Provisions. She has so many wonderful (and easy) money saving tips! Here is a video from her site on How to Flash Freeze.

Craft Room

When we were in the market to buy a house,  I was hopeful that I would be able to have a craft room or place to organize all of my art stuff. The house we bought had the perfect room -in the perfect color! I didn’t realize how many art supplies I had until we were packing! But having it all in a central location (and somewhat organized) has made it easier to use.

Sewing stuff

I have never have had a good way to organize all of my sewing stuff.  I am still not convinced this is the best way but it works and I like that it is all easy to see. We just painted 2 cabinets in one of my favorite paint colors “Pickled Okra.”

The Woodlets by Daisye sign is something I had always told my grandmother that I would put in my craft room when I had one. She would say “That’s fine because no one else would want it,” but she is one of the main reasons why I love making things. I spent so much time over at her house creating stuff with her. She used the sign in the stores that sold her driftwood creations.

pink spray painted desk

I did a post a while back (Just Paint It!) about painted furniture. Two of the pieces I sprayed where for my craft room- the desk and endtable. It doesn’t take long and bright colors can make such an impact in the right place.

Antique drawer used for organization

I bought this old drawer and have used it to organize spices in the past. When I was looking for something to organize my Martha Stewart glitter, this worked great!

A craft room is also a great place to pull out some old childhood keepsakes. Bright, colorful and whimsical look good in a creative space!

Supply closet

Rubbermaid containers and baskets are easy to pick up at yard sales. They come in handy when trying to organize!

Baskets and shoe boxes for organizing

We had purchased a dinette set for our kitchen in our old house because we did the 1950’s theme. In this house it wouldn’t work in the kitchen because we had an island but it works perfect as a work table in the craft room.

work table

We put a bed in the room to have for guests. My niece loves it and says it is “her room.”  Every good creative space needs a place to daydream!

Daydream bed /guest bead

So there it is.. a work in progress!


Sara Beth

The King of Ragtime- Part 2

A couple of weeks ago I did a post on Johnny Maddox, the King of Ragtime. He is in town and decided to put on a show for the city of Gallatin. It was the first time he had performed her in 60 years. When I had visited with him he told me he wanted to “pack the house!”…Well, he did just that!

They packed the house!

We got there about 10 minutes before the show was supposed to start and there was not a seat left. They decided to put us in the choir section on stage. The choir only sang one hymn that Johnny had written.

We got to be in the choir

Adam Swanson  was in town to visit Johnny and to perform with him. Adam is one of the world’s foremost performers and historians of ragtime and has been greatly influenced by Johnny Maddox. He is so talented and fun to watch!

Adam Swanson & Johnny Maddox

Danny Coots also joined them for some songs and was one of the most talented drummers I have ever seen. Adam Swanson, Danny Coots and Ian Whitcomb have a CD they have recorded called I Love A Piano.  I would recommend checking out.

Danny Coots on the drums

A few nights before the show, Zach was going through our records and found one of Johnny Maddox’s. We didn’t even know we had it! We took it with us for him to sign.

Johnny’s nickname is the Crazy Otto and the Grateful Dead reference him in their song “Ramble on Rose.” (Of course I love that 🙂 )

Little Grass Shack and Cocoanut Grove recorded by Johnny Maddox and the Rhythmasters

Here are some other pictures from the evening…


Anne & Henry


Sara Beth

Tweety Bird Update

So a few weeks ago I did a post about our new project “Tweety Bird”, a 1970’s GMC motorhome. We have made some progress, in the fact that we have had her towed to a mechanic’s home and she is running! Tomorrow we are going to meet with the mechanic so he can tell us what all needs to be done.  At that point we will know if she is going to be worth fixing. I am so anxious to hear what all he has found.

Zach meeting with the new mechanic
Zach meeting with the new mechanic

Maybe I have jumped the gun, but I have found almost everything for the inside.  I thought my heart was set on a certain fabric but, then I found something  I loved even more! Here is my idea board as of now:

I also found a couch that I like at camper world, but I want it in white.  I hope to find something similar a little cheaper 🙂 It is a small space so I might be able to use a regular couch, if it will fit in the door.  We are going to use a lot of white to open it up. I think painting the dark cabinets will really help.

Fold-out couch but in white
Fold-out couch but in white

I am so in love with the fabric for the draperies! I might even use it to recover a couch or chair for my house. Is it not amazing?!!?!

Keep following along on our journey to the highway! hopefully… 🙂


Sara Beth

A Magical Tea Party

My mom and close friend, Clara, have been planning a fairy tea party for my nieces and a couple of their friends.  Clara has the perfect spot in her back yard for parties.  She has the most beautiful gazeebo area that is covered in wisteria (which has a fairy-secret garden feel to it) . The decorations turned out perfect and the girls had a blast.

Here come the fairies…

I think one thing that made it so special was that it was just an ordinary day- we weren’t celebrating a birthday or anything – it was just a fun surprise after school.

tea party table decor

Little pick up foods were served to snack on: ham and biscuits, chicken salad, PB&J, fresh fruit, & mini quiches. For dessert they served pretty cupcakes and Blue Bell ice cream.

Just precious!
tea party treats from Trader Joe’s

Here are some other pictures from the evening:

Thank You, Clara!!!
Making memories!
Papa B and William
Such a happy boy!
Granna, William & Mason

These are the type of things you remember from growing up. Some of my favorite memories were little dress-up parties like this that my grandmother and mom used to have for me and my friends. It doesn’t take a lot to make an ordinary day special- especially through the eyes of a child.

Have a magical day!

Sara Beth