2 Busy Weeks

The last 2 weeks have been busy- to say the least- and I have missed my blog!   So here is a rundown of what I have been up to…

The weekend before last, Zach and I traveled to North Carolina for Zach’s grandmother’s memorial service.The service was so nice and personal. It was the type of service you didn’t want to end. So many people spoke and talked about what a wonderful person and character Ginny was. She would have loved it! Ginny was one of a kind and left an impression on everyone she met.

We miss you Ginny!

Even though we were there under sad circumstances it was good to see all of the family. Since everyone lives in separate states it is hard to get together but when we do it is great to catch up.

The Pegg Family

We also got to see our two nieces, Ella and Maylee, who live in South Carolina. They had changed so much since Thanksgiving and it was great getting to play with them.

Bob and his girls
Father and Sons

We were also able to celebrate Bob’s birthday as a family.

Happy Birthday Bob!

Last week we rushed home from NC because I had to leave for a work trip early Monday morning. I was in Providence, Rhode Island and then Charlotte. When traveling for work you don’t get to see much but I was able to walk downtown in Providence to get dinner.

A beautiful church by my hotel
A beautiful church by my hotel
A nice river walk

The bellman at the hotel gave me a coupon for a free appetizer for a seafood restaurant near by. I went in for dinner and had the most amazing crab cakes ever! It would be worth the trip to go back and eat there again.

Best Crab Cakes Ever!!!

On Wednesday I went to Charlotte and was lost most of the time. That city is so confusing! Even the mall is confusing! You have to go through the department stores to get to the other wings of the mall. I  ran over to the  mall one night before they closed and got lost going back to the hotel for almost 2 hours! It was raining, dark, and my cell phone was dead. I saw a police man at a gas station and he let me follow him to my hotel. I was in tears by the time I got back to my hotel. I have been to Charlotte many times but never really driven much while I was there. Thankfully the work part of the trip went great. My personal highlight from this trip would be my new summer dresses. I got a dress from Anthroplogie that was regularly $100 for $20 🙂

Bright colors for summer!

So that is where I have been but glad to be back for a few days until I head for Johnson City.

Happy Tuesday!

Sara Beth


4 thoughts on “2 Busy Weeks

  1. So glad that you are back. I have missed you so much. Good to see pictures of the family.
    Bless your heart, now don’t you get lost on your next trip. Thank goodness you found a nice policeman. Where is your car charger?

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