Wellness Wednesday: Reflexology

The other day I was in the vitamin store and noticed that the owner is also a reflexologist. My mom and grandmother used to take me with them to the reflexologist while I was growing up but I haven’t been in forever.

Gallatin, TN
Gallatin, TN

Yesterday evening I stopped in for a treatment. I think acupuncture, chiropractic and reflexology all go hand in hand. They all have to do with different pressure points in your body. All 3 can be so beneficial to your health and the way you feel.

The treatment starts by the reflexologist pushing on different pressure points on the bottom of your feet. Different places would hurt from the slightest pressure. He then proceeded to tell me what was going on with my body… and he was right on. He said my arm and hand were bothering me . Right before I left to go I had almost taken an Advil because they were bothering me from being on the computer all day.  He also said a couple of other things about hormones, stress, and sinuses that were right on based on the places that hurt on my feet.

Howard, the reflexologist
Howard, the reflexologist

Once he sees what is going on from the bottom of your feet he presses on other pressure points on your body and then moves back to the feet. When he moved back to the pressure points on my feet and applied pressure there was no pain.

I left feeling so great! Reflexology can be especially beneficial to your lymphatic system. Below is a list of benefits I found online:

Reflexology can assist in conditions such as:

* Allergies
* Arthritis
* Asthma
* Back Problems
* Blood Pressure
* Bowel Disorders
* Constipation
* Eczema
* Frozen Shoulder
* Gynecological Disorders
* Hay Fever
* Insomnia
* Knee Problems
* Multiple Sclerosis
* Muscle Tension
* Neck Problems
* PMS/Hormonal Problems
* Respiratory Problems
* Sinusitis
* Stress Disorders
* Thyroid Imbalance

Have you ever tried reflexology?


Sara Beth


2 thoughts on “Wellness Wednesday: Reflexology

  1. My mom and I have been to Howard! We didn’t leave feeling ‘great’ though! LOL! He sold us about $200 worth of vitamins and stuff! We went back a couple of times just for reflexology….

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