‘Tis the Season…

for Mosquitos! Already? Since we didn’t have much of a winter the bugs are going to be really bad this year!  A couple of weeks ago I had to go in because I was getting eaten alive.  They have never been that bad in April that I can remember! If I am around no one else has to worry about getting bit! We were on vacation a few years ago and by the end of the first day I had about 40 on my legs and my husband had none!

Look how cute they try to make these EVIL things look!

I have tried a lot of things but usually “Off” or one of the strong repellants are all that work. I hate to use so many chemicals so I have been looking for other options. I heard about rubbing dryer sheets on your skin. – That didn’t work and actually I think it attracted them even more.

We have tried Vinegar and I don’t think it did anything either. I have also heard that you can take garlic pills.  I really would hate to do that (and I think the people I work out with wouldn’t enjoy it either!) But if nothing works it might be the last resort! My mom bought me this pin last year and I thought it did a pretty good job.

Bug Button (Box of 60)I had seen on Pinterest where you can make your own natural insect repellant so I gave it a try. There are several different recipes including one that was in last month’s Country Living magazine.  I mixed a few different recipes together and this is what I came up with:

Citronella oil

Lavendar oil

Geranium oil

Tea tree oil

Cedarwood oil

Rosemary oil

Eucalyptus oil

Witch Hazel

Spray bottle

What you need…

The essential oils can be pricey but they will last forever because you only use 5-15 drops each. Plus, there are lots of other things you can do with them. I will share some of those on another post.  Also, several of the recipes only called for 2 or 3 essential oils, I just used some others that can work too.

Starting out you want to fill the spray bottle you will be storing the repellent in with witch hazel and then pour into a jar. You can use an old spray bottle or you can buy one. I found a large one and travel pack of them at the Dollar Tree. I really like the large bottle because it is like a mister.

All you do is put drops of each oil in the witch hazel and then shake vigorously until well mixed.

Add in the essential oils and then shake vigorously.

Here is my mixture:

Citronella oil – 15 drops

Lavendar oil – 10 drops

Geranium oil – 10 drops

Tea tree oil – 10 drops

Cedarwood oil – 5 drops

Rosemary oil – 5 drops

Eucalyptus oil – 10 drops

I added in the Eucalyptus and Geranium because they are good for Tick protection.

Geranium oil for tick protection
Geranium oil for tick protection

Ticks are going to be really bad this year. If you do find a tick it is very important to remove it properly. They have special kits at the sporting good stores especially for removing ticks. Here is an article from the Tennessean my dad sent to me.  It has some pretty scary statistics and good info.

Once you have added in your oil mixture shake and then transfer to your spray bottles.

I had some Avery labels so I just decorated those but you could make custom ones on the computer.

Bug Off!
Bug Off!

I used it last night and it seemed to work really well. I had already gotten some bites before I put it on.Ugh!  We are going to be outside tonight so it will be my true test 🙂

Happy Friday!

Sara Beth


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