A Magical Tea Party

My mom and close friend, Clara, have been planning a fairy tea party for my nieces and a couple of their friends.  Clara has the perfect spot in her back yard for parties.  She has the most beautiful gazeebo area that is covered in wisteria (which has a fairy-secret garden feel to it) . The decorations turned out perfect and the girls had a blast.

Here come the fairies…

I think one thing that made it so special was that it was just an ordinary day- we weren’t celebrating a birthday or anything – it was just a fun surprise after school.

tea party table decor

Little pick up foods were served to snack on: ham and biscuits, chicken salad, PB&J, fresh fruit, & mini quiches. For dessert they served pretty cupcakes and Blue Bell ice cream.

Just precious!
tea party treats from Trader Joe’s

Here are some other pictures from the evening:

Thank You, Clara!!!
Making memories!
Papa B and William
Such a happy boy!
Granna, William & Mason

These are the type of things you remember from growing up. Some of my favorite memories were little dress-up parties like this that my grandmother and mom used to have for me and my friends. It doesn’t take a lot to make an ordinary day special- especially through the eyes of a child.

Have a magical day!

Sara Beth


8 thoughts on “A Magical Tea Party

  1. What a wonderful day….yes a Magical Tea Party! Everything is so cute and so special…every little girl should experience a tea party….planning many with my grandchildren. Love to the family!

  2. I remember dressing up and going to DaeDae’s house with our dolls….one of my favorite childhood memories!

  3. What a special day. It too reminds me of yours and Kendall’s special tea party at DaeDae’s. Still have the sweet pictures and great memories tucked away!

  4. You are such a special lady, just like your Mother. You both have such wonderful God given talents and love for people. It is a pleasure to know you.

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