Craft Room

When we were in the market to buy a house,  I was hopeful that I would be able to have a craft room or place to organize all of my art stuff. The house we bought had the perfect room -in the perfect color! I didn’t realize how many art supplies I had until we were packing! But having it all in a central location (and somewhat organized) has made it easier to use.

Sewing stuff

I have never have had a good way to organize all of my sewing stuff.  I am still not convinced this is the best way but it works and I like that it is all easy to see. We just painted 2 cabinets in one of my favorite paint colors “Pickled Okra.”

The Woodlets by Daisye sign is something I had always told my grandmother that I would put in my craft room when I had one. She would say “That’s fine because no one else would want it,” but she is one of the main reasons why I love making things. I spent so much time over at her house creating stuff with her. She used the sign in the stores that sold her driftwood creations.

pink spray painted desk

I did a post a while back (Just Paint It!) about painted furniture. Two of the pieces I sprayed where for my craft room- the desk and endtable. It doesn’t take long and bright colors can make such an impact in the right place.

Antique drawer used for organization

I bought this old drawer and have used it to organize spices in the past. When I was looking for something to organize my Martha Stewart glitter, this worked great!

A craft room is also a great place to pull out some old childhood keepsakes. Bright, colorful and whimsical look good in a creative space!

Supply closet

Rubbermaid containers and baskets are easy to pick up at yard sales. They come in handy when trying to organize!

Baskets and shoe boxes for organizing

We had purchased a dinette set for our kitchen in our old house because we did the 1950’s theme. In this house it wouldn’t work in the kitchen because we had an island but it works perfect as a work table in the craft room.

work table

We put a bed in the room to have for guests. My niece loves it and says it is “her room.”  Every good creative space needs a place to daydream!

Daydream bed /guest bead

So there it is.. a work in progress!


Sara Beth


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