Memorial Day 2012

Memorial Day weekend was wonderful. We enjoyed being up at Cedar Creek with family and friends. There were so many memorable events and activities that took place. On Saturday afternoon, they had a flyover of planes that did the “missing man formation.” It was something I will never forget!

Waiting for the planes to fly over
the fly over

After the planes flew over a man read the number of soldiers that had given their lives in every war during the history of our country. The numbers blew me  away but made me realize how many have sacrificed their lives so that we can live in this wonderful country!

Reading of the number of soldiers that sacrificed their lives during each war

During the afternoon, they had all sorts of activities for the kids- face painting,  a balloon man, pool games and inflatables. The face painter and balloon man were the best I have ever seen!

The balloon man that can make anything! I mean- look at his hat!!!
You can find the face painter at Blue Coast Burrito in Hendersonville on Thursday nights (I think- check the day)

On Saturday evening, the Patton James band played. They played our wedding and are our favorite band around! If you are ever looking for a band in the Nashville area, they won’t disappoint!

Mom & Dad
Patton James and the Synchromatics
Dancing with My Love
Loved the centerpieces and all of the decorations the Halcomb’s did. Everything looked great!

My dad was in charge of the Sunday church service. He did a wonderful job organizing it. Ken Dye preached a meaningful service as usual!  Ken married Zach and I in the same place almost 2 years ago. 🙂 Memorial Day weekend was a lot like our wedding with the same preacher, band and the heat!

Ken Dye

Monday morning we went and heard Terry Ashe– a Vietnam Verteran and winner of 3 purple hearts. He is a remarkable man who has truly lived his life serving our country. Thank God for all of the men like him!

Wilson County Sheriff Terry Ashe

Hope everyone had a great weekend!

Memorial Day 2012


Sara Beth


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