Come Get Your Lemonade and Give To A GREAT Cause!

This weekend was National Lemonade Days. Kids all over the country set up stands and some were to raise money for *Alex’s Lemonade Stand. My sister-in-law had heard about the event through a friend and signed up online. The organization sent a kit with materials for them to use. Some of the neighborhood girls got together and made signs and baked cookies to sell. 

*Alex’s Lemonade Stand Foundation evolved from the front yard lemonade stand of Alexandra “Alex” Scott who at 4-years-old decided she wanted to raise money for kids like her with cancer. Since Alex’s first stand, the Foundation has raised more than $50 million toward childhood cancer research.  Every June, just like Alex, supporters coast to coast hold Alex’s Lemonade Stands during National Lemonade Days, to help continue Alex’s dream– to find a cure for all kids with cancer.

cute bright signs were put in the neighborhood

The girls were so excited and really pitched in to help get ready for the day.  One of their neighbors donated all of the balloons and at the end they let them go and I heard them say “We are sending these to Alex in heaven.” So sweet… 

  the cutest lemonade stand I have ever seen!
            Running to greet the first customer
                               the first customer

A long time ago I was reading a “Life’s Little Instruction Book” and the main thing I remember said “Always stop when you see a lemonade stand.” I always have and always will and hope you will too! (Lord knows how many I had growing up and how many people were so kind!) The girls had the stand from 10am -12pm and very busy the entire time.

   A big thank you to all of you who stopped by!

All of the sales were on a donation basis. People were so generous!!!  All together the girls made around $500 to send in to Alex’s Lemonade Stand for cancer research. 

      Counting to see how much they raised

Here are a few other pictures from the day 🙂 

                the organizers with their girls
           Loved their cute aprons!
          ready to sell some lemonade….
                       and cookies!

I made some sugar cookies that looked like lemon slices for them to sell. All I did was use pre-made dough and then rolled it out and cut it with a large biscuit cutter. Then cut the circles in half. Once they were baked I dipped them in a glaze and then used a writing icing for the lines. You can click here to go to this previous post I did where I have the glaze recipe. I just did vanilla glaze but lemon flavor would be great too! 

                      lemon shaped cookies

If anyone is interested in hosting a lemonade stand to benefit childhood cancer check out


Sara Beth 


One thought on “Come Get Your Lemonade and Give To A GREAT Cause!

  1. that is the ‘fanciest’ lemonade stand I’ve ever seen!!! Your mom called me to let me know about it, but I was at work 😦 soooo sorry I missed it! Love you!

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