Flower Arranging Idea

I have seen in several magazines to use old bottles as vases. I really liked this idea around the time of our wedding for the centerpieces but it would take so many for something like that! I have about 20 bottles that are old pharmacy bottles that my mom had collected and just other ones that I have picked up at yard sales. I had picked some flowers out of my great-aunt’s yard over the weekend and brought them home to arrange.

a handful of flowers

Since you only have to put one flower per bottle it doesn’t take many and makes it look like you have more flowers than you do.

different size bottles

I like the simple-vintage look and how it accents each individual flower. It also seems like the flowers last longer being in their own individual container.

Placing the flowers in separate containers makes it look like you have more

I decided to spread them out on my mantle. The different color bottles look so pretty with the light shinning through.

Last year, I helped host a lingerie shower and we did something like this for the centerpiece. It is an inexpensive alternative to a large flower arrangement.

lingerie shower centerpiece

Also, if you only have a couple of flowers they look cute in a grouping.

Zinnias in vintage bottles

I planted some Zinnias this year from seeds and they are doing so well! My neighbor had some last year and told me that you only put a thin layer of dirt over the seeds. I had planted some way to deep and they didn’t do good. Zinnias look great in flower arrangements and last a while after you cut them. They also grow until early fall so you can cut them all summer.

Happy Monday!

Sara Beth

The Southern Intitute


6 thoughts on “Flower Arranging Idea

  1. You are so stinkin creative…They look lovely on the mantle…and everywhere else for that matter. Such a great idea!

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