The World’s Longest Yard Sale

On August 2-5, we will be heading up to Signal Mountain for the World’s Longest Yard Sale. It begins in Addison, Michigan and ends in Gadsden, Alabama- 690 miles of pickin’! Grab some friends and come find some treasures!

I have heard that Signal Mountain is one of the best parts of the whole sale. There you can park and walk for a while instead of making so many stops. Also, lots of vendors set up on the mountain and there is a great selection. I think right outside of Crossville there are some good places too! Our new friends from Country Mouse City Mouse set up outside of Crossville. They also just opened the cutest store on the square in Gallatin. Go by and see them Thurs.- Sat.

Here are a few pics from our set-up from years past:

Our booth last year


This will be our 4th year to set up. My great aunt Sara and uncle Sam have had a booth since the yard sale began so we set up next to them.  They love pickin’ and are the cutest couple you have ever seen!

Aunt Sara and I

 One of my favorite parts of the weekend is all of the people we meet!

This little girl saw this chair and wouldn’t leave it. It was the cutest thing!
Our first customer was from HGTV the first year we set up! That was pretty exciting!

If you make plans to attend, let us know- we would love for you to stop by!


Sara Beth

The Southern Intitute


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