Tweety Bird Update #3

She is about to fly! We went and picked Tweety Bird up from the mechanic last Friday night. That was exciting but was short lived. She was puttering along when we got to Mt. Juliet and so we decided to pull over. Not what we had planned but thankfully it was a minor $3 part that Zach picked up on Saturday.

Tweety Bird in flight!

I have been away from the blog because we have worked every night this week on fixing the RV. We have been tearing out old carpet- putting in new carpet and hardwood floors- fixing leaks and painting. Yesterday, we dropped it off to have the curtains installed. (Going by tonight to see them, can’t wait!)

new carpet from H&T carpet in Madison


One morning my legs were so sore from painting like this all evening! Annie Sloan chalk paint worked perfect on the cabinets and walls.


Love the white washed hardwood floors Zach put in. (Lucy looks possessed!)

I have learned a lot about cars and engines during this process- well a lot for me! I went part running two weeks ago for the mechanic and had a  breakdown in Napa- Like literally started crying! Then the salesman proceeded to say stuff to me all the way out the door- of all the nerve! I called Zach crying- telling him he needed to call the manager. Well that didn’t happen but from now on- I am anti- Napa, unless they are the last resort for a part. They act like you should know everything about the engine and make you feel stupid when you don’t. They all kept saying “Well what kind of chassie is it? What kind of chassie is it?” Ugh… All I know is the mechanic business is not for me- I am all about the look- Zach can take care of that part!

Until next time….

Hopefully we will have before and after pictures next week to show!


Sara Beth



4 thoughts on “Tweety Bird Update #3

  1. I know what you mean about some of those men in auto parts stores. I think sometimes they try to be intimidating!

    Can’t wait to see Tweety Bird when she is finished!

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