Tweety Bird Reveal: Motor Home Transformation

Well, it has been a long process but Tweety Bird is ready for flight!  We began renovations on this 1973 GMC motorhome back in April and we had hopes to be camping all summer. But as with any project, many things came up along the way like – rebuilding half of an engine, all new plumbing, electrical work and just life in general! At the beginning we had mechanics tell us it wasn’t worth fixing (only because they wanted to sell us another one) but we are glad we stuck with our gut and knew that Tweety Bird had lots of potential. Thankfully, my husband was able to do some of the repair work and we had a lot of other wonderful helpers along this journey. Check out past post about Tweety Bird: Meet Tweety Bird; Tweety Update 1; Tweety Update 2.

Tweety Bird~ 1973 GMC Motorhome

The outside didn’t need much work~ just a wash, wax and new tires. Of course I would love to have a new paint job at some point but that is way down the road! The time has come and I am so excited to finally show you “Before & After” pics!

Before~ dirty carpet, lots of cabinets, wood grain, no curtains

And after lots of painting, new hardwood floors, cabinets removed, chairs steam cleaned, painting, new upholstery, new front carpet…. Drum roll please….

Ta- Dah!

And now on to the kitchen and sleeping area. We were able to really open up the whole RV by painting everything white. The white washed hardwood floors also made the space look much larger.

and another drum roll… 

Yeah for the house car! 


We couldn’t be happier with how it turned out! I love having a vision and seeing it play out. We are looking forward to making many memories in Tweety Bird for years to come.

Thanks for following us on the journey!


Sara Beth Pegg


11 thoughts on “Tweety Bird Reveal: Motor Home Transformation

  1. Tweety bird is fabulous and you did such a wonderful job transforming her. Thank you for including us in the reveal…we had a grand time…Peyton is still talking about the magic club house and we are making plans to create one for her…this will be her little place until she is old enough to join KK in the treehouse. Keep us up to date regarding your first journey…your Dad said it may be just a little closer to the creek….lol. Enjoyed the food so much too! Thank you

  2. Sara Beth and Zach,

    It looks great!!! Can’t believe the change since I last saw it. You are going to have many great memories with Tweety Bird.



  3. Hello, I was wondering how did you paint the wood paneling white? Did you sand? What paint? I just got a 1978 GMC and really want to paint interior white.

    1. Hi Jackie! We just cleaned everything really good and then painted with Regular interior paint. We didn’t do any sanding. The white really opened it up and made it feel so much bigger! Hope you have fun fixing it up! We have loved ours but are currently looking to sale and redo another one 🙂 If you know of anyone looking, send them our way. 🙂

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