Trailer Park Treasure

A couple of weekends ago we had a little “Meet Tweety”- trailer park party. Lots of friends and family had been watching the progress so we invited them over to see the finished product- trailer park style.


Everyone was instructed to wear there best camping gear or trailer park fashions they could find. We were all set with fake tattoos, corn hole, pink flamingos, a bonfire, lanterns, Eazy Cheese, Vienna Sausages, and Spam. What else could you need!?

My dear friend, Lauren showed up in her Gatlinburg wedding chapel shirt with these 2 great themed trays. Who knew there were 3 types of Spam and different types of Vienna Sausages.

Spam and saltines


Vienna Sausages and saltines -and cheese balls (kids ate those before I got a pic)

I made these individual seven layer dips. I love that they are easy to carry around and eat and you don’t have to worry about double dipping. Click here for the recipe. We also had walking tacos with the best chilli ever! You can check out that recipe here.

Individual Seven Layer Dips

The kids had a blast and turned Tweety into a play house.


My mom looked classy in her red and white polka dot moo-moo, curlers, blue eye-shadow and fake tattoos. I think she now has her Halloween costume ready to go!

Mom in her Moo Moo and rollers

And here are a few other pics from the evening…

Got Zach to let his hair down
Dad sporting his Tracy Lawrence Goodwill find.
Classy Friends


First fire of the fall

To see the final pics of Tweety click here.


Sara Beth



One thought on “Trailer Park Treasure

  1. great post! love the individual seven layer dips! Aaaaaaaaand for the record, I have an autographed Tracy Lawrence t-shirt that my mom is including in a t-shirt quilt for me this Christmas. Just couldn’t part with it. 🙂

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