The Big Christmas Day Reveal

Wow, it has been a long time since my last post! Being pregnant and with the holidays I have just not found the time. One of my New Year’s goals is to get back to writing. I have truly missed it!

Our holiday was full of family, friends, excitement!! When we found out I was expecting, I thought it would be fun to find out if it was a Boy or Girl on Christmas morning because I would be at 18 weeks and they would be able to tell. I always thought that I wouldn’t want to find out what we were having but since we moved into our new house last year and it came with a pale pink nursery, we figured we might as well (and once I was pregnant I was so anxious to know!)  I went for my first ultrasound on December 20th and had them write down what we were having and put it in a sealed envelope. It was hard not to peak but we wanted to find out on Christmas with family. One of my sweet and dear friends, Lauren, offered to make something special for us to unwrap. On Christmas Eve, Lauren and Matthew showed up at my parents house with this huge box that was so beautifully wrapped with the cutest poem on the front.


Once the box was there, it was so hard not to unwrap! We weren’t getting together with family until Christmas day afternoon and it seemed like it was never going to get there.  Zach and I would just walk by the box and look at it in anticipation!


Everyone was gathered around ready for the big reveal.  I had already started crying because I was emotional all day about finding out what it was going to be. I opened the box and it was full of balloons… blue balloons! Zach is color blind and couldn’t tell because they were light blue. I finally yelled “It’s a boy!”  and everyone was so happy!


Lauren had also put lots of blue candy canes, a cute plate and an It’s a Boy ornament inside. My nieces and nephews had so much fun with all of the balloons and the box. We should have just skipped gifts and given them that!


  I have started feeling him move a lot this week. On Thursday night, we were laying down watching TV and I told Zach he might be able to feel him because he was moving around a lot. Right when he put his hand on my stomach he felt him kick or move or something! It is an amazing feeling. On Thursday, Zach’s mom had been gone 10 years, so it was a bitter sweet day thinking about her passing but then being excited about what’s to come. She would have loved being around all of her grandchildren and I know she would have been a wonderful grandmother. Sometimes God has a plan that we just don’t understand but trusting in Him and the fact that we will one day be reunited with the ones that have gone before us makes it easier to cope.

Now that we know that It’s a Boy, it is time to start planning and getting the nursery ready. Those pink walls are going to have to be painted!

Until next time,

Sara Beth



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