“What will it Bee? ” ~ Gender Reveal Party

With me and two of my close friends being pregnant, babies have been on the brain and topic of conversation lately. Last night, I went to my first “gender reveal” party for our friends Matthew and Lauren. It was the cutest party EVER and no detail was left out! The whole theme was bees and they included everything from beehives to honeycomb cereal.




As everyone came in they had to vote weather it was going to be a  boy or girl and then pin on a pink or blue bee.




All of the grandparents had embroidered shirts with what they will “bee” called. Even the daddy-to-bee wore one!


To go along with the bee theme, they had a Bar-“Bee”-Que dinner.



I loved the lantern centerpieces that they had turned into beehives!


After everyone indulged in the wonderful dinner, we gathered around for a little Q &A with Lauren and Matthew to try to figure out if it was a boy or girl based on old wives’ tales. According to the answers she would have a boy… (oh the suspense!)


Everyone was gathered around waiting for the big reveal!


They had an adorable cake topper that either had a pink or blue center. Lauren and Matthew had dropped off a sealed envelope from the doctor to the bakery so they found out what they were having when everyone else did. That added to the excitement!


What is it going to bee?????


It’s a GIRL!!!!!


Next, they had everyone who had picked a pink bee at the beginning to look on the back for a number. Matthew picked a number and had that person come up and open a wrapped gift. Inside was an embroidered onesie with the  girl name they had chosen!


Alexis Kate will be here in July and we all can’t wait to meet her!!!!


And when I say they didn’t miss a detail, I am not joking! As everyone left they had a Bit-O-Honey bar for the road.


And here are a few other pictures from the night…






Congrats to Lauren & Matthew and thank you for such a wonderful night!


Sara Beth


6 thoughts on ““What will it Bee? ” ~ Gender Reveal Party

  1. This was sooooo very cute!  Really happy for them!  Know A.K. and S. B. will grow up to be great friends…who knows?…maybe even more!!!  lch


  2. You captured the night beautifully. I felt like I was there again. Thank you so much for doing this for us. This takes a great deal of time and we so appreciate it!

  3. Hello,
    I am having a gender reveal baby shower and I love all of your ideas. Where did you get the bee hive shaped chalk board and the bee pins for your guest to wear?

    Such a fan!

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